(Education Found!)

Imagine a world without books, without speech and without writing. That’s a world without values and that’s a world without human evolution. Whatever the question on that matter the answer is FREE AND QUALITY EDUCATION for everybody. The team of Education Found! Led by our teacher Miss Betty Tsakarestou our team is willing to put its maximum effort in order to make the education system here in Athens e better place and we have education as our flag as we move on to the future!

As Albert Einstein said “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”, education is not only what we learn in school but it’s also our lessons through life. But to appreciate and understand those lessons first we have to learn some basics from our schools and teachers. Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to get educated either because they live in some countries that they don’t have schools-so they don’t have education-or because of some circumstances in their lives. So we chose this subject to give to everyone, or at least try to give them a way to have a chance in education and to help people who wants to get educated. The only common language is music and we are optimistic that by this way, our path will be easier.

Team Members: Constantinos Christodoulu Marios Orthodoxou Stelios Evangelou Minas Georgiou

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