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TrackerNet — Final Presentation

Written by Bill Bakas

As it is written on our website, I too welcome you to this article, in which I will do a recap of our teams hard work that lead us to the point of our NGOs creation. We all have to say that it was a pleasure to work with Mrs. Betty Tsakarestou and through her class of ‘’Social Issues, Social innovation & Corporate responsibility’’ we learned a lot of useful information about how to set up from scratch an NGO and thus after a lot of hard work we present to you our final and tangible work.

First and foremost, we had to come up with a good idea, which was achieved through various brainstorming sessions, which took place in the internet due to covid-19 restrictions. We saw that there was a need for combating plastic pollution in coastal areas of Attica and that's why we thought of stepping up and design an NGO dedicated to the protection and the cleaning of beaches, starting in Attica. We wanted our goals and areas of expertise to be crystal clear to the general public so as to portray a cohesive image and be easily understood by everyone. Therefore our work can be deducted to the following:

  1. Cleaning of specific coastal areas within the region of Attica,
  2. Cooperate with other NGOs,
  3. Organize live events and seminars with prestigious scientists,
  4. Continue writing articles on our medium account.
  5. Direct and upload educational videos on our YouTube channel

In order to strengthen our action we came up with the idea for our first ever campaign titled: ‘’Clean Seas’’. We wanted to find a way in order to make the whole experience more interactive with our followers and to lay down some guidelines so as they can do their part in this fight.

The Idea is that people can take part in our movement by simply collecting two pieces of plastic from the beach they visited and disposing them in special bins crafted by us, which later they will post on their Instagram stories and tagging us with the #CleanSeas. Consecutively, we will take notice of their action by reposting it to our account and then personally thanking each and everyone of our volunteers on our platforms.​ That is why we also created these two posters for our campaign.

After all the designing part we wanted to provide tangible evidence to our followers that even though times are rough, important steps for the preservation of the marine ecosystem can be achieved. That is why on the 25th of January,2021 we went to Paralia Apollonies Voulas B where we carried out our first ever cleaning activity with great success!

As far as the social platforms are concerned, from the very start we insisted on keeping a simple and straightforward branding consistency across all media. We intend to keep active accounts in order to inform the general public about our actions and upcoming events.

You can view our final presentation here

It has been an interesting semester and we undoubtedly took in a lot of useful information and priceless practical experience, despite all the difficulties imposed on us by the strenuous situation of covid-19. We want to truly thank Betty Tsakarestou for her cooperation and insight and for her effort to run this class with great professionalism. It has been a wonderful journey!

TrackerNet Team: Elisavet Liapi, Vasiliki Arapogiorgi, Αγγελική Κλήμη, Bill Bakas

Our Professor: Betty Tsakarestou

Dare to Challenge Facebook group:

Thank you sincerely for your attention!



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