Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Boring — Time to Kick Family Night Up a Notch

Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Boring — Family night is here. You’ve tried to do it weekly. It’s turned out to be like twice a month, if that, and it’s boring as hell. You know it, you’re family knows it, and you’re refrigerator definitely knows it (because your beer and wine selection is quickly depleted like 20 minutes before the games begin).

How did this happen? How did what was supposed to be an incredibly fun, family bonding evening with the kiddos turn into an arduous affair?

Easy answer: you’re doing it all wrong.

Put away the board games, the dice, the charades. Time to introduce you to the Family-Fun-Ran #DARE challenge.

What used to be game night can be all the time. All week. All weekened. Whenever.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You challenge someone in your family to a dare
  2. They post it on social media
  3. The internet goes nuts for how awesome you’re squad is

It’s that easy, it’s that fun.

Instead of boring old board games (let’s just call them ‘bored games’ shall we), you now have a completely new interactive challenge that is actually fun, not just a time killer.

Singing like a gerbil? Done. Dressing up in your kids clothes? Done. Jumping jacks on the front lawn? Sure, why not. All you can handle bro.

Turn family game night on it’s head with the Family-Fun-Run #DARE challenges.

We don’t want to say your kids will love you more…but…your kids will love you more.