Introducing DARE: An All New Way To Challenge Your Friends

Now you can reach out and challenge your friends to complete dares on our brand new platform! (Launching next week)

Dear Friend,

After spending hours mindlessly scrolling through your phone, social media can get stale. It’s never been easier to get trapped inside of a cycle of inactively watching other people live their lives.

Here’s the problem: It’s almost completely passive, rather than pro active. When you boil it all down, social media is 98% of people watching the 2% of people who actively post.

Wouldn’t you rather take part in creating your own viral video than watching from the sidelines?

DARE is the world’s first interactive dare app where you can reach out and challenge your friends to specific dares. You’ll have the opportunity to become a ‘director’ of a dare, or a willing participant.

Plus, the DARE app uses it own in-app coin called The Nerd Coin, which eventually you’ll be able to trade on a crypto exchange! Each user will receive our tokens upon the successful completion of a DARE.

Here’s what we’re looking to accomplish.

Our app, DARE is currently in its infancy phase and launching next week.

Discover How You Can Challenge Your Friends On Social Media

The DARE app is like an all-new, revamped Vine app. You’ll get a chance not only have a front row seat, but to actively participate in a great video.

It’s never been easier to become a master content distributor with the power of smartphones and apps just like DARE.

Here’s How You Can Use The DARE App:

  • Reach out and challenge your friends (or people in your area) to a specific dare of your choice and post the challenge
  • Get the opportunity to win NERD coins through our special DARE challenge — winners will be picked and rewarded in Nerd Coins!
  • Not feeling brave today? It’s all good! You can watch people in your local area or around the world perform their challenges

And much, much more!

Our app will allow people to interact and have a lot of fun on a light-hearted platform. With so many people struggling to connect with people in real life, this will be a game changer for many.

The DARE app will get many people active and having fun outside again!

The DARE Team

P.S. Do you have an idea for an awesome video? Perfect, challenge someone to a dare on our network and see it played out in real life!