Dare Festival 2016 — Stage #3: Things*

We now have hardware that acts like software and software that is capable of dealing with the complexity of the physical environment. The world itself has become accessible.

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Barriers between physical and digital are fading. Hardware is becoming agile, and it’s getting easier to create physical products. The Internet of Things promises to make everything connected and intelligent. The physical environment is becoming accessible in the same way that the internet has become accessible.

Intelligent hardware will be everywhere. Computing is available at low cost in many place that weren’t before. That has made it possible for software to solve problems that previously took expensive and inflexible hardware. Hardware can now be deployed in all sort of ways and at low cost.

The new hardware movement is not the same things as the Internet of Things. It is an enabler allowing IoT systems to be developed quickly and a low cost.

As creators we most become competent in several disciplines. A problem might begin in software but extends to design, business model, biology, physics, social, artificial intelligence, or hardware, or all of them together in order to solve real human problems. These and many other disciplines increasingly overlap and you should be prepared to solve problems by working fluidly across them.

We still need experts in each discipline, but everyone needs to know enough about all of them. At Dare Festival you will not only improve your deep skill in a specific discipline but also learn how these worlds collide and how to make sense of it. Know what is possible and where to start.

Today, I’m excited to announce our 3th of 12 new stages: Things*

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Dare Festival offers a dazzling look at the intersection of Human Behavior and New Technology. A 3-day exploration for those who want to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Change your tomorrow!
Dare Festival 2016
August 24–26 / Antwerp BE

Things* Tracks

Things* explores the roles, responsibilities and opportunities of creators in a world that is becoming increasingly accessible, both digital and physical.

A practical and inspiring program for those that value the new hardware movement as a skill and as a business.

Things* is defined by the following 4 tracks.

Things* Fundamentals

Understand how the hardware stack is emerging and developing. From design, prototyping to manufacturing to electrical and mechanical engineering, security and machine data analysis. Bridge the gap between hardware and software and learn how to move fluent between both worlds.

Things* Business

Hardware as a business differs from software companies in fundamental ways, in the need to manufacture and distribute physical goods. Understand how to develop a hardware business model, fund and market your business. Scale up from prototyping to large-run manufacturing.

Things* Interfaces

Discover how electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other post screen interfaces unlock the physical world from consumer, health care, agriculture, mining to heavy industry.

Things* Materials

From Graphene — a 2D structure with a breaking strength 300 time greater than steel, as well as the lightest and best intrinsic conductor — to Synthetic Biology which makes it easy to print DNA, put it into a living cell or cell system, run experiments, and do living biology alongside computation. Learn how to add the material world to your toolbox and use it to translate between pure information and physical objects.

Things* Experience

Things* is a standalone conference within Dare Festival. Things* has its own problem space, tracks, speakers, and learning experience. While Dare Festival is still far away, here are some ideas.

Things* Practical

The day is filled with hands-on workshop, demos, lightening talks and labs. Designed for people who want to get their hands dirty and make sure they get the skills and confidence to get started the next day.

Things* Inspiration

The evening is intended for a wider audience, enjoy world-class speaker, learn where we are today and what lies ahead. Designed for those who want to get inspired.

Things* Expo

Dare Festival combines the best products and services from each stage into one big exhibition hall open to the public. Show the world what lies ahead.

Things* Tours

The day before the conference you can join us for a full day tour and visit leading local new hardware heroes.

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What do you think?

I’m also interested in what you think. If you’re a creator, how are you building your skill set? How is hardware viewed within your organization? If you’re in education, training or innovation labs, how is your curriculum changing to address the growing demand for these hardware creators?

In the coming months I’ll be digging deeper into these topics and will host several online discussions on Slack. You can sign up here to get notified about the dates. Or just send us your challenge or questions using the #DareFest hashtag or on our Facebook page.

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Dare Festival offers a dazzling look at the intersection of Human Behavior and New Technology. A 3-day exploration for those who want to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Change your tomorrow!
Dare Festival 2016
August 24–26 / Antwerp BE