Robots aren’t taking the jobs — you are!

No job is safe. The robots are coming. Or so the headlines keep telling us. It’s easy to want to pick sides. Our entire future is at stake!

Despite the fear. There is another way. Certainly AI and robotics will destroy a vast number of jobs. But they can also used to extend humanity. Which path is taken will be determined entirely by humans.

Soon we’ll be living in a world overwhelmed by artificial programs. Machines that are believed to call the shots. Although Synthetic Intellects are a genuine form of intelligence. They won’t have magically escaped humanity’s control.

Machines will dutiful execute the priorities and goals provided for them. Designed to make our lives smoother and easier. However the outcome can be experienced in unanticipated ways that violate our sense of being human. Not by machine reasoning but because they relentless pursue the vision of perfection of its Maker.

The Maker. Not the Machine.

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