A new day a new chance they say. But what does that really mean? It’s the same old sun back up and the same old chirping. The past still stands there, it still needs to be solved. We still need to face the past- make amends with the ghosts there and suffer the fruit of the mistakes we made. Then there is the future too. The fears that it brings along with it, the goals that we set in the past, we still look to the life that we want to live and the chance to full fil the promises we made to ourselves. “In 2 years I want to own my own car”. “ in ten years I’ll retire” we tell ourselves.

Then how is today a new day when we are battling in the same ghosts of the past and the same fears of the future?

How is today any different from yesterday or the day that will come ahead?

Maybe we humans don’t really need a fresh start each and everyday. Maybe we just need to be consistent? Maybe we need to be Consistent in our goals, in our battles , in our love, in the people with us. Consistent till you reach your goals, consistent in slaying the demons, consistent in loving those around us. SURE the sudden boost of passion and spontaneity is amazing and everything but that doesn’t take you anywhere unless there is consistence along it. Sure it sounds great to suddenly be all passionate about something but the discipline of continuing with the work even when the passion has diminished and you are facing more struggle than you thought you would have to, nothing is going to happen without discipline within you. Nothing worthyy atleast.

What do you think? Is there any point of passion without discipline?

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