The Harsh Reality of Dark Lessons In Life

Within close in one a half years, several rules of life what i’ve consumed from many books didn’t worked properly as one plus one equal two.

In period less than two years, what i found until today at my overseas time is simple, and readable by many human all over the world: “Experience is truly great great grandfather of best teacher at all.”

As Indonesian, we are famously known as the most largest moslem society in all over the world. We may say we are the most tolerance tribes among others. And we act by what we learned from our culture — religion.

Unfortunately, what i found: we subliminally turned as secularism in our daily.

We obviously generated some ideology which irrelevance enough, and stood across for what our religions have conveyed.

And, these are the harsh reality of dark lessons in life so far…

There are no such things which called ‘Fairness’.

The most exact thing i ever heard — felt was: the certainty of fairness itself. If you expect one plus one equal to two. Prepare to swipe your tears away soon.

There is a story behind every person on our earth, what makes they are the way they are.

Act on fact, just try to avoid the assumptions. Put an eggs on the right basket, take away which unrelated onto our business.

The more you try to be good, empathy and trust to your close person, the more them cheat you.

Homo sapiens always looking for the most convenience place for their life’s situation. I felt directly whenever at that time i put some extra attention — empathy, they won’t reply back in better shape like the way we did it used to.

Without money, you just a piece of nothing.

Especially for what i felt at foreign country currently, where the society is full of distrust, and without money, you just a piece of nothing and more people avoiding in touch with you.

The appearance and your performance are DO matter.

Appearances DO matter. We live in a condemnatory, judgmental world.
We were trapped within ‘Halo effects’ unconsciouly.

People often judge partial while they always self — titled; comprehensively.

They see the part of story at some part, and let the others are stayed at different place. And the story goes…

Self — serving bias is real and everywyhere.

Become an old people doesn’t guarantee level of maturity at much better than younger people. More ‘self — serving bias’ always occur at some old generation for obtain more self — titled on certain things in front of public.

You want to achieve certain goals in life not because you are full of intention, its because others have reached there.

Ask yourself sincerely, is is true right?

When we forgive someone = we are weak.

Despite we have a chance to take a revenge; most of people thought we are weak.

Just keep going, don’t revenge :).

The society is crazy breed, all you need just do what you should do in life. No matter what, they will judging you endlessly.

People will say a lot of things, some will taunt you ,some will blame you, some will motivate you, don’t invest on negativity from others, once you are successful everyone will shut.

Just in the meanwhile do not waste time on explaining things to people,instead work on it.

Act on fact, avoid of assumptions.

Everyone will leaves you, and that’s okay.

The most person we really care, is the person who going to leave you alone.

Savour your loneliness.

There will be times when you will have no one to help you out of a situation and that will be the moment where you’ll be filled with the feeling of rejection. Even it’s painful enough, no matter what; you have to stand up and hold as strong as you could.


The last two of the lessons…

Family is everything.

The fact is: only them who care and stand by you whenever you fail, rest don’t care. The most i failed with, since i was trapped by alter — ego. I thought many friends around me is the answer, it’s just cliche :)

It’s better to truly care and put your life to someone who really loves you, rather than the person you love.

This one.

I put this point at last numbers of post. To be remind strongly, seriously. It was happened to me, i never realized how much my ex wife was loving me; due to my upside — down life’s moment.

Our invitation, she let me put google’s template as permission :)

I didn’t reply it back in many times, i was excited with few things around my career and organization’s life. And i broke her heart by giving what she had gave to me, instead; i gave to someone outside there, which finally just abandoned me without thinking of what i’ve been through…

Please. Listen to me.

I don’t want you become, and follow what the stupid things ever you’ve seen.

Take care of her, the precious one who deeply giving you an attention and her love undoubtedly in many shapes of efforts.

When it will be happen, neither you and your prior life outside her, won’t be easily understand in simple way.

I made a mistake, so much mistake, huge mistake. Don’t let your story aligned to me. No you don’t deserve…

// egoegi.

Keep running his life without ever thinking what it would be in the end of estuary of his story. Still remains learning to write, listen and survive.
Just wrote what his found during his flaws stories. ©

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