10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Beating Procrastination 300 Times

The foundation of all achievement is action

Darius Foroux
Dec 1, 2019 · 4 min read
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I recently published my 300th article. And every single time, I’ve beaten procrastination before I wrote the first sentence.

Once I wrote the first sentence, the second was easier, the third was even easier than that, and so forth. But it wasn’t always like this; in the past, I never got to the first sentence. I never started. And as a result, I didn’t finish things either.

But over the past four years, I’ve published 6 books and created 4 online courses. On top of that, I’m also running my family business, Vartex.

These last few years have been the most productive years of my life. I’ve also learned more new things than ever. Here are 10 of those lessons I’ve learned. I hope they will inspire you to live a productive life.

  1. Beating procrastination is an ongoing process — Getting things done in your life and career is just like going to the gym. If you stop working on your productivity skills, you will automatically become unproductive. You will procrastinate more. Therefore, keep yourself accountable, focus on proven strategies to overcome procrastination, and keep moving forward.

Ultimately, that’s the main lesson I learned about life and work. We have to do it. Saying that you will be a better person is worthless. You must do it. The same is true for starting a business, finding a new job, getting in shape, or earning more money. The foundation of all achievement is action.

When you consistently beat procrastination and achieve results, you no longer have to prove yourself with words. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

You simply let your results speak for you. That’s the power of overcoming procrastination. Every day, you don’t want to do the work — you want to escape. That’s what millions of people do. But you decide to take a different path.

You wake up and you do the work today. And you do it again tomorrow. And so forth.

All the best, my friend. Talk to you in the next article.

The Blog Of Darius Foroux

Authentic articles on productivity, habits, decision making, and personal finance.

Darius Foroux

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I write about productivity, habits, decision making, and personal finance. My ebook The Road To Better Habits is now free: http://dariusforoux.com/better-habits

The Blog Of Darius Foroux

Authentic articles on productivity, habits, decision making, and personal finance.

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