Essential Guide To Making Digital Products People Will Pay For

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”—Peter Drucker

1. Commit to excellence

First, ask this question: “What is my purpose as a digital entrepreneur?”

2. Create something you know a lot about

People pay someone because they know that person can do it much better than they can. They pay for a meditation app that makes their lives tranquil, buy personal development books filled with insights they never realized, or hire yoga coaches who guide their breathing better than they ever can on their own.

3. Focus on a broad audience, but offer a unique solution

The Waking Up app by Sam Harris targets a broad audience: The wellness industry. But his solution is specific: Mindfulness meditation.

4. Create something people are already buying

People’s actions reflect their needs and wants. If they’re buying something, it means they already want and need it.

5. Start charging for your product/service

So you’ve done your research and maybe even did some tests. Then you create something that solves a problem with a unique solution. Your product/service is done and ready. What do you do?

6. Create or join a network of entrepreneurs

Every successful person is supported, mentored or befriended by other successful people. Don’t go at it alone. To improve yourself, you want to exchange knowledge and ideas with other entrepreneurs.

7. Love your products and customers

You’re in business for three reasons: your products, your customers, and your passion for them both.


Creating a digital product/service is both difficult and rewarding. It’s a way for creators to finally make good money out of their expertise, knowledge, and experience. With the right tools and the best people around, you can learn faster and make a bigger impact on people’s lives with your products.

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