Stop trying to hack your way to getting more readers on Medium

I’m not the type that responds to things on the internet. I simply do not care enough. I’d rather go for a run, respond to emails from readers, or write a new article in the time that takes to respond to things.

However, I do care about people who want share their ideas on the internet. And if you want to share your ideas, we’re the same.

That’s all I do: Sharing ideas. And I’ve found a great home in Medium.

It bothers me that a bunch of idiots write articles about how to become successful on Medium. They come up with all kinds of weird tips and tricks that apparently should help you to get more readers.

I’m not talking about people who share genuine tips about writing. I’m talking about the “How I wrote a successful post” posts.

They mean well. But it’s not helpful. They shift the attention from the act of writing to external things. You can’t control whether someone likes your articles or not. You can only control your own effort.

Have you ever read such an article by an established author? For example, I follow, and look up to people like Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin, Paul Jarvis, Brene Brown, Susan Cain, and many others.

These people just focus on their craft. They don’t need hacks and they certainly don’t write about it.

Focusing primarily on anything that is not writing, is a waste of your time. I would say, focus 99% on thinking, researching, writing and the final 1% on getting it out there.

Also, some people complain about Medium. That it’s rigged, or that it doesn’t have good content, or that your articles don’t get read.

I don’t know anyone from Medium and they never asked me to do anything for them so I’m neutral. And as far as I know, they try to help you to get more readers. I think that’s pretty good.

Just write.

If you want to write, write. Share your ideas. Don’t focus on stats, likes, shares, or other vanity metrics. NO ONE cares. Honestly.

Do you think your life gets better when you show up in Medium’s top stories? Fuck no.

Writing is not heart surgery.

It’s also not science. There are no rules. Do whatever you like.

With every article I publish, I only have one goal: “I hope that 1 person finds this useful.” That’s it.

You and I have a great platform here to reach more people. Use it in the right way. It’s in the best interest of all of us.

If you ever need anything, or want me to read your stuff, just shoot me an email.