My last four weeks with my Chromebook

Four weeks ago I bought my first Chromebook: A Medion Akoya s2013. I really don’t know why I ordered it, maybe it was just pure interest to see what a Chromebook would feel like. I was looking for a slick laptop I could use at home for surfing the web, writing some stuff down during my research and do also emails. Everything I could do with a tablet too, but I don’t want to put up extra gear for a physical keyboard, which I really enjoy typing on.

No Fan was Important

What I like about tablets is the fact that they don’t have a fan, at least most don’t have one. My previous laptop, a MacBook Pro 13", made from time to time some noise running the fan, it wasn’t too bad but I prefer to have a more quiet setup in the living room. As I read the specs for the Medion Chromebook and I realized it had no fan, I just was finally good to give it a go and ordered it.

First Steps

The initial setup is easy and quick. Type-in your Google account and a few seconds later the OS is updated and ready. The desktop is slick, I would say one of the better Windows clones I’ve seen. You have a task tray, a start menu which you invoke via the search button and a bunch of pinned apps. Regarding apps, all your apps in this release are pure web apps. When you start an app two things can happen. The chrome browser gets started and opens the URL this app is pointing to or a dedicated window opens and hosts the app in the container. This is still pretty inconsistent from a user point of view but you get used to it.

I’m talking about pure web apps because there is work in progress to have Android apps running on ChromeOS

Apps I Use

My Chromebook itself has 16GB storage included which is used for caching offline so you can work without Internet — of course the app has to support this. So the apps that I’ve used the past couple of weeks are the following (I omit the preconfigured apps by Google).

It is also pretty cool that there is a dedicated key on the keyboard to go fullscreen, when using for apps like Secure Shell it gives you focus on the work you do.

I’m surprised

In the end I’m really surprised. I’m using this little device more often than I thought I would. Quick researches, quick write-ups, fast access to all and a solid battery life are completing the experience. It is not a ground breaking but a solid device, I think I couldn’t be happier with a MacBook Air.

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