The Anti what-you-expected List

Dear experienced folks…

Before you read this list, its important to understand something about being youthful.

Its not going to listen to you.

Maybe, because its not supposed to.

This may well be the natural order of things — as it has always been.

If so, its important to pay credence to this aspect of human behavior and growth.

An extremely large percentage of ‘best practices’, ‘right things to do’, ‘practical things to do’ about business will be ignored.


There is something very limiting about knowing things (No error, read that again).

Because it reduces excitement, motivation and madness! All of which are extremely important in venturing down an unknown path…

So when you — an investor, mentor, motivator, friend, family — are giving advice, you are suffocating the very ‘intangibles’ which drive people to do things outside their comfort zones.

Its always interesting to note that you are projecting your unique experiences on to their unique life.

Most importantly, the person who is providing advice is doing so from hindsight— not foresight.

Its ironic because back in the day even you ignored a lot of the advice given, because it was natural to do so.

You learned from mistakes, ignorance and just being true to your own way.

Of course, a lifetime of being in business will help you, to a great extent, to distill success into a simple bunch of principles.

But your success most likely was not built on this particular premise when you started. You are just connecting things looking back… with a perspective which you only now hold.

What people really want is support, encouragement and inspiration. And what they need, sometimes, is criticism. They will find their way.

Your advice for a wide variety of reasons will not speed things up. This has to do with the subtlety of each individuals’ experiences in life.

Every person has their own blue print in life, which they have to explore, understand and hopefully accept. There are lessons to learn — in the time it takes to learn them.

Never due before its time.

Accelerators, Coaches, Mentors, Angel Investors, yes… looking at you. People have to fail or fall in order to correct & refine their own pathways.

Or they have to be very much in tune with their own intuition or sense of observation, to save themselves from those pitfalls, without particularly experiencing them.

Support them because you believe they have what it takes to find their way. Not because you think you have the answer or formula, which, when followed, will set them on the right path.

Either way, you cannot save them or stop them.

So as you’ve figured out by now… there is no list.

Then again, you also understand why.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to add to this post or ignore it.
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