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Hannah Duckworth
Dark Matter Digital


Building a software product is a tedious process that can’t, and shouldn’t, be done overnight. The quality of the product in which a company puts forth is ultimately one of the most important key factors in the company’s success. The product embodies the company, and vice versa.

While companies set out with the best intentions when building their software products, many commonly make either one or both of the mistakes below:

  • They fail to realize the importance in following a strict product development process and cut many corners along the way. This results in a subpar result and unwanted tech debt (eek!).
  • They over-engineer and complicate from the beginning by coming up with a MVP that is too feature heavy for the initial or upcoming release, increasing the time to market and risking putting too much work into a feature set not needed by the users.

Both scenarios above inherently lead to a subpar product, meaning more time spent on resources and less earnings for the company.

Dark Matter Digital was founded by product development experts who work against these common pitfalls. We’ve worked for years at developing and fine-tuning our product development process and are here to guide other companies to success by helping them develop and release ready for market products.


Dark Matter Digital offers product development consulting and execution for companies with existing products, or ideas for new products that need to be prototyped and tested. We not only act as designers and developers, but as product owners working to develop technical, UX, and go-to-market strategies for your product(s). We work with your team, stakeholders, and customers to determine the best options for your company moving forward.


Don’t Cut Corners

We don’t put ourselves in a place where we have to cut corners. We come up with a detailed plan of action to get your new product off the ground, or your existing product back on track without sacrificing quality.

Trim the Scope

We get to know your goals up front. Before design or development starts, we emphasise planing upfront to strategize the best possible scope of work to meet your goals. We start with what’s important, and evolve as time goes on.

Be Agile and Quick to Adapt

We value working within an agile timeline with an end goal for each two week sprint. We believe in this process because it allows your company to work and iterate quickly, with the opportunity to re-evaluate priorities every two weeks. When working with clients, we will aim to have deliverables at least every two weeks to keep the project moving forward.

A Big Backlog is a Bad Backlog

Backlogs tend to get out of hand — bugs and feature requests can pile up very quickly resulting in months or years of work. Many product owners can and will get bogged down in the idea that everything in the backlog needs to be completed. We are here to tell you to delete your backlog. Now. The weight of a backlog can be crippling to a company. Rather, reevaluate your priorities every two weeks and create new tickets. In most cases, tickets, ideas, and stories that were created months ago are no longer relevant. If they were important, they would have been completed by now. Taking a step back every two weeks to reevaluate what should and will be done will keep your company quick on its feet, and uncommitted to features that may be irrelevant down the road.

Analytics is Key

Tracking the behavior of your users and the performance of your product is key to keep your product evolving. Dark Matter can help you set up the necessary analytics to track your users from top to bottom, side to side. The more you know about the usage of your product and the behavior of your users, the more empowered you will be to provide features that suit their needs.


Hannah Duckworth and Dillon Vincent

Hannah Duckworth and Dillon Vincent started Dark Matter Digital so that they could bring their love of product development to other companies. We’ve built products ourselves and have both worked across many different industries. Together, we’ve built healthcare and blockchain based SaaS platforms from scratch. We’ve also built and released a social media application. Dillon has over a decade of engineering experience, as well as product management experience and is an expert in technology consulting. Hannah is a UX designer and product manager, with a background in digital marketing and customer acquisitions for enterprise-level companies. Both Hannah and Dillon have deep experience in industries such as SaaS, E-Commerce, and Blockchain.


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