What I Learned Writing My First PRFAQ

I’m a Product Management Intern — here’s my journey on writing my first PR-FAQ including my findings, struggles, and recommendations.

What is a PR FAQ?

Literally, a PR FAQ stands for Press Release with Frequently Asked Questions. The Press Release being the announcement of a new feature of a product or project, a new product or project, a new layout of a screen, or any changes made to or having to do with a product or a project. The FAQ are questions that you (the writer) will assume the audience, the user, or a newcomer to ask about whatever is being announced. The second part of the questions that you will assume the people you work with and higher ups will ask about the announcement and its features. PR FAQs are used for putting customers/users thoughts and needs first. These are also great documents for getting everyone in the project on the same page with each other.

What I Had Trouble With

First of all, I was a little too conversational. I took this document as something that I assumed the average person would read and need to understand. That’s not quite the case. It’s a good idea to hype up the announcement and sell your product, trying to get as many people as interested in it as many, but you don’t need to spoon feed the readers information. This is aimed towards who it pertains to, so really anybody interested in what you’re doing. This means that not only will the average person read your document, but the people within your company will too. You need to condense a lot of information into ten paragraphs, for anyone at any level of involvement to read. This isn’t to say you have to be very rigid or strict with your wording, just enough to give yourself credibility. Be clear and concise, use general language but don’t give general information. Don’t repeat phrases just so you don’t have to be specific.



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