Labour won Stoke. Jamie Reed lost Copeland
Paul Mason

Cleanse Labour of self-serving careerists

Turning on BBC Radio 4 midday news, BBC crowing over loss of Copeland, then almost in passing, as an afterthought, Labour retained Stoke and Ukip lost.

Labour was not likely to win Copeland, people there too dependent on the nuclear industry.

Labour must phase out any support for the nuclear industry, even if it means losing seats like Copeland.

The other problem in Copeland, a careerist politician who had taken the people for granted. They in turn could not be bothered to vote. Plus, Labour has been losing votes in Copeland for decades.

And the candidate, had he won, another careerist, anti-Corbyn wannabe.

In Stoke, a Labour candidate, an Owen Smith Mk II, if there is such a thing.

The pundits had Ukip to win. The same pundits who are completely ignorant of the real world. Any one else in the real world would lose their job.

In Paul Nuttall, Ukip had a charlatan, if he is incapable of writing his own web pages he is incapable of being an MP.

Nigel Farage would have walked it.

Talk of swings, in Copeland it was 7% and therefore not that large, are meaningless, as the turnout was so low.

The locals did not care. Only the babbling classes who spout crap in the media care.

Leave.EU lies payout was by the Tories
Leave.EU Stoke hate campaign
Leave.EU Stoke hate campaign

Paul Nuttall and Ukip lost despite or maybe it was because of the Leave.EU hate campaign. This raises two big questions, not only the content, but also the funding, something the Police should investigate. Arron Banks funds Ukip and Leave.EU campaign group. Was local campaign funding breached, was it declared?

Leave.EU has of late had nothing to do with the EU, having degenerated into neo-Fascism and Trump groupies.

Brexit is done and dusted, as the collapse of the Ukip vote has shown.

Jeremy Corbyn has been correct to support Brexit, but not to impose a whip.

What Labour should now be doing, which they appear not to be doing, is holding meetings across the country to draw up a broad consensus of what people want, which should then form the basis of any Brexit negotiations.

All we know is they voted to Leave, that was what was on the ballot paper, nothing else

Theresa May gets accused of wanting a hard Brexit, but that shows simplistic presentation of what is happening.

UK is only one side of the table, on the other side, 27 member countries, European Parliament and the EU.

It is not in the interest of any country to have anything other than the existing trading arrangements.

But the EU wishes to wage a trade war, to harm UK as it did with Greece, to set an example to other countries.

There has to be controls on migration. Mass migration was never envisaged.

It goes without saying, citizens of the other 27 countries should remain in the UK if they wish, and should not be used as pawns in any negotiations.

The shits in Labour do everything possible to make Labour unelectable, then are guaranteed a soapbox by rags like The Guardian to blame it on Jeremy Corbyn. No matter what the result, it would have been the fault of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is a wonder they did not blame Jeremy Corbyn for Storm Doris.

It does not matter how good the policies of either Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell, if they are undermined every day by the shits in the Party.

The shit has to be cleaned out.

This is is not unique to Labour, it is true of Democrats in US and corrupt socialist parties across Europe.

Labour members, who joined Labour in their tens of thousands, who wished to see a new type of radical policies appear, must start cleaning out the shit.

And in places like Brighton get to it.

In Europe, in Spain and Greece, new radical parties have been formed.

I disagree with Paul Mason on forming a Progressive Alliance.

But where I would agree, why does Labour challenge Caroline Lucas in Brighton? She does a far better job than most of the Parliamentary Labour Party. On the other hand, I would fully support deselection of the sitting Labour MP in Brighton.

Labour needs a fresh intake drawn from the new members, who are going to fight for the areas they represent, push forward a radical agenda, not who see it as a stepping stone to a company board or a seat on a quango or directorship of a museum.

Forget Scotland. Leave it to SNP.

At local level, activists must seize control of local Town Halls, irrespective of parties, follow the example of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and A Coruña.

A footnote: Papers for Saturday, Times (part of Evil Murdoch Empire) David Miliband calling for Jeremy Corbyn to resign, i Corbyn refuses to go (or similar nonsense). Of course steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the self-serving shits the media grants a soapbox for, are the same self-serving shits that lost Labour two General Elections, or that Jeremy Corbyn after the disaster of Ed Miliband neck and neck in the polls with the Tories which will never do for the self-serving shits, they have to destroy the Party to then have something to blame Corbyn for.