Tales of Our Times

What wonders would we weave in our world if we would only heed the name with which we were blessed at birth? —  WynnAlice, New Year 2011

Tales of Our Times by Steph Bradley

I will write every day at my home in Devon to finish the book by May 2014, when I plan go on tour ,with my original book, telling the stories of the heroes and heroines of our times, that’s you, me ; us. Some people have already paid for their book in advance. One of these is a wonderful elderly gentleman called Arthur, who is in his 90's. I have promised to finish the book by this summer, so that he can read it.



The machine is stuttering and the engineers are in panic. They are wondering if perhaps they do not understand it as well as they imagined. They are wondering whether they are controlling it at all or whether, perhaps, it is controlling them.— The Dark Mountain Manifesto

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Keith Parkins

Writer, thinker, deep ecologist, social commentator, activist, enjoys music, literature and good food.