A girl was claimed by the ocean
It happened when she was a child
She tore her from the green tip rocks
And held her for a while

A girl that belongs to the ocean
Is always aware of her place
She feels the pull of those foaming arms
A life alone, feeling displaced

This girl that escaped from the ocean
And lived out her days on the land
Would return to her Mistress year after year
Tore between water and sand

And her Mistress, the ocean would find her
And raise up her arms to protest
To find her girl with the wind swept hair
And bring her back home to her breast

But this girl can’t return to the ocean
She can only paddle and play
She’d die if she followed the pain in her heart
If her Mistress convinced her to stay

So this girl now kneels by the ocean
Buries her hands in the sand
Her head full of songs from the depths of the sea
Heard by none but this girl on the land

And the ocean, it cries for its daughter
The girl who escaped her embrace
She pushes the tides, and hopes she’ll return
To dance in her watery grace

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