Her chest lifts
A silent breath as the pain,
As the complication,
As the consuming sensation,
Robs her of air.
Washing the world from her
In purple flashes

'You never scream?’ he asked her
Confused by the silence
The sound of leather and rope
All that filled the room
Her eyes closed, graceful
Breathing it in
Breathing it out

'Must I scream?’ she asked him 
As they lay entangled
Intensity replaced by intimacy
Memories forming
A personalized portrait
Painted from sensation
Drunk with it all

His head hums
His brow etched with thoughts
Pondering the question
Fingers finding flesh
Reconstructing the tangled 
Path that led them to be

'Does it hurt?’ he asked her
Finally, as if unsure
Coarse fingers tracing her
Fading lines and tender touches
“Of course” she smiled, 
Their breath as one
'Don’t confuse silence with comfort”