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Dazed and…

no, just dazed.

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Stuff to look forward to on Dark Verse.

Horror on Netflix is improving…depending on your tastes. R.L Stein’s Fear Street brings the gore but is reminiscent of too many other mainstays.

Even though one or two of these may have already been released, I am reviewing some of my favorite horror podcasts. I look at such gems as Nightmare Magazine and Scared to Death.

Ever have those days shit keeps happening and you wonder, ‘why?’ My wife started a new job; she went from third shift to first. We got a dog about a month or two ago and we are still having difficulty house training her…did I mention she’s a white, deaf Great Dane? Oh, and we are looking for a house closer to her new job.

All good, but a lot of work and major schedule changes.

In case you missed it, here’s what I’ve been up to. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any updates.

I review the first three episodes of not-American Horror Story, American Horror Stories.

Tom McLaughlin




A Medium publication of poetry with an edge, gothic flair, or supernatural touch.

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Tom McLaughlin

Tom McLaughlin

Comedy, horror, and poetry writer. I can find humor in anything, but it usually horrifies people. NSFW books on Godless.com as Olaf Vulture.

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