What is DarkByte Research? Vision, Mission, and Culture

An AI and blockchain start-up


We have a broad model of the world and how it works. It is a working model where we continually update with new information. Do we relate the economics of new projects and products to existing frameworks for investment analysis? We answer the core questions of why do some products and companies get ahead and some don’t?

Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash


Our vision is to bring decentralized finance and equal financial opportunities to everyone. We provide data science, defi, and crypto research. We also build trading bots and apply AI-driven fundamental research on macro and stocks. DarkByte Research is an investment analytics platform for cryptocurrency markets, including blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.


By combining the best of A.I. and human expertise, DarkByte’s platform extracts and analyzes critical deal data buried in dense legal agreements. DarkByte provides the most comprehensive insights related to every investor’s financial and legal position in just a few clicks. DarkByte has analyzed an unprecedented breadth and depth of on-chain data representing investors. With DarkByte, investment leaders can make faster and more informed decisions in an ever-changing world.


We value humility and humour. Inspired by Ray Dalio’s principles, we create a culture of radical transparency and a flat organizational structure where everyone is encouraged to share ideas. We are able to create diversity with 50% females in the management team and a well-versed team in different backgrounds. We value STEM-minded problem solvers and people with deep interests in constantly learning and evolving. Our team are remote all over the world, with 30% immigrants.

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