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fantasy painting of two women arguing on a seaside port with ships in the harbor and wearing armor
Painting by the author. © Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | Arujan Ascendant Cover Detail

Detail of the twelfth cover image for a series of Darklaw Stories.

When you’ve worked on a piece, you stop seeing parts of it. One way to gain “new eyes” is to flip the canvas. I do these Darklaw Saga covers in a weekend, but that’s still enough time to lose track of part.

When I flipped this canvas, I saw that Kami’s body was skewed (image 1). I used the “liquid” brush in Procreate to shift her neck and shoulders, and I rotated her a bit (image 2).

The same process happens in writing. Lots of time and edits on the same piece needs “new eyes” in order to see things that could be better. I accomplish that through editing in Microsoft Word and switching to the Medium website, changing the font, and then by taking days away from a story while working on something different.

Image 1 shows the skewed shoulders. Image two shows the body adjusted (and some other edits, too). © Teresa Wymore

The Darklaw Saga is a linked story collection published at Tantalizing Tales and Redemption Magazine. Find all episodes here.



An outlaw must conquer not only her brother’s army but her own insatiable ambition. And what of her love for the woman prophesied to end the world? (EPIC FANTASY, LGBTQ)

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