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fantasy painting of two women arguing on a seaside port with ships in the harbor and wearing armor
© Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | Arujan Ascendant Cover Detail

When you’ve worked on a piece, you stop seeing parts of it. One way to gain “new eyes” is to flip the canvas. I do these Darklaw Saga covers in a weekend, but that’s still enough time to lose track of part.

When I flipped this canvas, I saw that Kami’s body was skewed (image 1). I used the “liquid” brush in Procreate to shift her neck and shoulders, and I rotated her a bit (image 2).

The same process happens in writing. Lots of time and edits on the same piece needs “new eyes” in order to see things that could be better. I accomplish that through editing in Microsoft Word and switching to the Medium website, changing the font, and then by taking days away from a story while working on something different.

Image 1 shows the skewed shoulders. Image two shows the body adjusted (and some other edits, too). © Teresa Wymore

The Darklaw Saga is a linked story collection published at Tantalizing Tales and Redemption Magazine. Find all episodes here.



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