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Fantasy setting in red. Back of a woman of color with one wing and another person’s hands on her hips.
© Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | Revelations of the Beastwalker Cover Detail

Detail of the eighth cover image for a series of Darklaw Stories.

I can make many textures with the standard soft brush (like an airbrush), but I have a few specialized ones, too. The down: sable brush. The embroidery & rails: luminance brush. For hair: eyebrows brush. I use the soft brush to rough in the scene and on final skin.

I have bought a lot of sets. I often find uses for them they weren’t designed for. Just experiment!

Screen capture from Procreate showing detail of painting and brush sets
My Favorites brushes folder (and other sets). © Teresa Wymore

The Darklaw Saga is a linked story collection published at Tantalizing Tales and Redemption Magazine. Find all episodes here.



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Teresa Wymore 🏳️‍🌈

Teresa Wymore 🏳️‍🌈

Sapphic power & sex • Top Writer LGBTQ • Fantasy, Erotica, Art • Polyamorous empty-nester ❤️ CrossFit | twitter.com/teresawymore | she/her