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Scene from Mastering the Girl | Avestine & Kami | © Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | Mastering the Girl Cover Detail

Detail of the first cover image for a series of Darklaw Stories.

I have a series of Darklaw stories posting in the next few months over at Tantalizing Tales. Darklaw is epic fantasy lesbian erotic fiction. With a little bi thrown in.

I painted this digitally in Procreate on a very old iPad Pro. I have to do significant editing in Photoshop on my desktop because the iPad’s screen is so dark. One day, when my kids are done with college, I’ll have money again and can get a new iPad Pro.



An outlaw must conquer not only her brother’s army but her own insatiable ambition. And what of her love for the woman prophesied to end the world? (EPIC FANTASY, LGBTQ)

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Teresa Wymore 🏳️‍🌈

Author Artist Athlete • Epic Fantasy & Erotic Fiction • Sapphic power ⚔️ Polyamorous empty-nester & gymrat | she/her | https://twitter.com/teresawymore