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naked muscular woman from the back, gazing out a large window in a fantasy scene
© Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | The Desperate God Cover Detail

Detail of the ninth cover image for a series of Darklaw Stories.

Painting naked women is always a good time. Creating atmosphere, especially depth and space, is exciting. I combined both. The complexity this week was lighting. I wanted a dark, night time, warm feel, so I picked reds and yellows. But I feel green is always good to mix with stone.

All the color screens off (green, red, full black, gold, and two black angles) © Teresa Wymore

The Darklaw Saga is a linked story collection published at Tantalizing Tales and Redemption Magazine. Find all episodes here.



An outlaw must conquer not only her brother’s army but her own insatiable ambition. And what of her love for the woman prophesied to end the world? (EPIC FANTASY, LGBTQ)

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