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fantasy setting with very pale young woman in the background, older dark-skinned woman in the foreground both in white fur with a mountain behind
© Teresa Wymore


Darklaw | The Lost Daughter Cover Detail

Detail of the eleventh cover image for a series of Darklaw Stories.

I was excited to paint a scene from an entirely different part of the fantasy world, a snowy peak with a temple of disciples. This gave me a different color palette and lighting. I created the painting with my usual warm tones but then played with screens of varying colors and opaqueness until I got the ethereal quality I wanted for this scene at the top of the world.

Screen grab from Photoshop showing the color/lighting filters off © Teresa Wymore

I also got to paint a girl. Children’s proportions are quite different from adults — larger head and eyes, small jaw, rounded features. Avesha is on the edge of puberty, but she’s also a god, so she’s supposed to look older than her age. I hope the resemblance to her mother, Avestine, is clear. Maybe also, her father?

The Darklaw Saga is a linked story collection published at Tantalizing Tales and Redemption Magazine. Find all episodes here.



An outlaw must conquer not only her brother’s army but her own insatiable ambition. And what of her love for the woman prophesied to end the world? (EPIC FANTASY, LGBTQ)

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