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Darklord | Episode 6

Kami’s scent makes Esme feel drunk, but its effect on Avestine is anything but soothing.

Esme scooted away, bunching up a blanket to shield herself as Kami and Avestine’s passion escalated. When Avestine seized Kami’s ankles, Esme left the bed.




Avestine wants to rule the empire her monstrous father bequeathed her, so she will never have to suffer another man’s abuses. And yet, her own transgressions grow as the powers of men and gods become hers.

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Teresa Wymore

Teresa Wymore

Power, sex & damage in many genres. See my About page for warnings. Top Writer LGBTQ. Polyamorous queer empty nester. http://linktr.ee/teresawymore | she/her

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