Out on U.S. 82, between the hills of Mississippi and the Delta stands a big white sign and arrow pointing to the door of a spiritual reader and adviser.

That adviser is Mrs. Amy, a 22-year-old psychic who has been using her supernatural gifts to guide the residents of the hospitality state and beyond for the last eight years.

Against the advisement of a more “to the facts” journalistic body, I interviewed her while working at the Greenwood Commonwealth newspaper.

I am glad I did.

Mrs. Amy left Indiana when she was around 16, moving to the Carroll County, Mississippi…

or just a mistake

Man tends to think about time as being a linear thing. After all, how else could it possibly work? It could just be, however, that time is circular. Follow me as I explain a concept that just might be evidence for that.

The world of Forteana includes a lot of different things, and concepts. Most of them are, arguably, kind of silly. Some of them, however, are downright intriguing. One of the things which is, perhaps, in the middle, is time slips.

A time slip is a term to describe when a person, or group of people have a vision…

And the memes were the reason

Do you remember the last time you were excited about a movie?

Do you remember how the movie trailers would entice you to preorder tickets and line up in front of the theaters?

Wait, do you even remember what theaters look like?

Sigh, depressing isn’t it?

The movie options in 2020 have been as barren as my sex life. I have been relying on the old classics like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future to survive the quarantine. But, last February I came across a movie trailer that excited me and tickled that lust for a crazy stupid action…

Xennariel Revenlyr is an Ankhari, a species of demon from another world. When tragedy strikes her people, she finds herself trapped in an unfamiliar place that she later discovers is a world dominated by humans. Our world. Thus begins her journey to find her way back home.

“Shit, what the hell?” Xennariel growled, whirling around to the cafe entrance.

Blue Rain’s patrons screamed and scrambled under tables or as far away as they could from a middle aged man with a receding hairline that stumbled into the cafe. He carried an unconscious customer under one arm and held a handgun in the other. A crazy look was in his eyes and his mouth was curved in a wide smirk.

Crazy Eyes dropped the man he was holding carelessly, kicking the limp body aside. He wandered away from the door, further into the cafe, cocking the gun and…

Whenever there’s a sale on the PlayStation Store I tend to check it out. They’ve usually got some great steals, and even new games can be heavily discounted. I find I discover pretty fun games this way, taking chances I wouldn’t normally take when dishing out cash for a game, and so slowly my backlog is growing into a nice repository for a rainy day.

It was why I picked up Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Unity, and Syndicate bundled together for a mere $22. What a steal! I’d never played an Assassin’s Creed game before, mostly because I once found…

Douglas Adams Said…

Was not written by me.

If you read a few of my stories, you may notice a theme. I am a huge Douglas Adams fan. I sometimes imitate authors like him. I also write questionable poetry.

We are celebrating the works of Douglas Adams for the next three months!

I am involved with a very large group of “froods.” Froods are fans of Douglas Adams. This article is mainly meant to win their hearts. I am desperately in need of their love.

The worst poetry in the universe.

Near the beginning of Adams’ cult classic, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, he calls out the worst poets ever known.

Vogon poetry is…

We all have psychic and paranormal powers.

The CIA spent years exploring the possibilities of unlocking the potential of the human brain.

According to many studies, all people have psychic or paranormal powers which, many times we ignore or just don’t know how to take advantage of them.

Psychokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Electrokinesis are some of the “Real Life Superpowers” we can develop.

An asian woman looking at her own reflection that is mixed with the light reflection
An asian woman looking at her own reflection that is mixed with the light reflection

Since the Central Intelligence Agency made 12 million declassified documents online available, are we able to inform ourselves about what they were hiding and denying us.

“By printing out and scanning the documents at CIA expense, I was able to begin making them freely available to the public and to give the agency a financial incentive to simply put…

When Conspiracy Theories Become Real

Why is it that nearly every culture on Earth has legends about reptiles and/or reptile people? Is this one giant coincidence, or does coincidence truly not exist?

The Bible mentions them. Was it not a reptile that caused Adam & Eve to be tossed out of Paradise? In the non-canonical books of the Bible, we have accounts of Jesus fighting a dragon. Yet other non-canonical books mention a war with lizard people. You do not have to believe me, check it out.

If legend is interpreted one way, the Cherokee nation may have done battle with them in the distant…

More of my favorite weird but true stories

Welcome to the second installment of my “Creepy Wikipedia Articles” series.

This time we’ll be looking at a place that has gotten a bad reputation thanks to Hollywood, a more unusual rather than creepy thing, as well as a more humorous (to me anyway) article I find interesting. It’s about death though and I have a morbid sense of humor sometimes so you might not find the final article as amusing as I do.

Anyway, on to the main attraction!


Also known as the Sea of Trees, Aokigahara is a forest in Japan in the northwestern area of Mount Fuji…

What Halo taught me about horror

If I ask you what’s on the top of your horror game list, “Halo Combat Evolved” would most probably not be on that list. I doubt it’ll even get an honorable mention.

But I think this action-packed first-person shooter is one of the most terrifying games out there and it’s all because of one mission in the campaign. 343 Guilty Spark.

What’s so scary about this level you may ask.

Well, let me take you back 18 years, to a dark living room illuminated by a 17 inch CRT TV alongside the ominous green glow of the Xbox logo. …

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