Why outsourcing to Romania is an awesome idea!

Alexandru I. Neacsu
Dec 2, 2017 · 2 min read

I know that it sounds like i am being bias in favor of my own country but here are a few reasons why i think that you would have to gain by outsourcing your development to Romania.

It’s cost effective

Developers are freaking cheep here. The internal cost for a recently graduated web developer here could be as low as 1k /mo . There is a reason why a lot of headhunters focus on country's like Romania, Ukrainian and Poland; Compared to the average amount a developer would cost anywhere else this is a bargain. Local development companies take advantage of this fact and keep the prices low for offshore customers, it allows us to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

It’s quality work

Even with our prices, we are still a bit more expensive then India or Pakistan. But, and i know i am being a bit cheeky here, the code quality tends to be better. That’s not to say that I didn't see Indian companies offering quality products, i am sure that at least 50% of the internet was programmed in Deli, alas, form a business perspective, there is a higher risk of having to re-do everything. Trust me, i am speaking out of experience.

The Romanian schooling system, even do people tend to dismiss it as broken, is quite good imparting basic knowledge especially in the technological field.

Broad spectrum knowledge

While working abroad i have noticed that the developers tend to specialize really early in their carriers. A guy/gal working with React would just know React and not Angular or VueJS. A C# programmer would never dare to touch Java code, and almost no one would ever attempt to restart a server without having the title “DevOPS” in their LinkedIn profile.

That stands in opposition with how most of the Romanian engines are, myself included. Here developers switch programming languages on a daily basis and are not afraid of trying to configure Linux servers or even program for IOT devices.

The 101% percent mentality

A lot of developers and companies here have this idea that they should always give 101% to the client. I’m going to be honest with you guys, this tends to backfire sometimes due to the client’s expectation being set to unreasonable standards. But it does exist and it is ingrained in local tech culture as fact.

In conclusion. If you are thinking of outsourcing somewhere, please consider Romania… And to finish off with plug, please consider us!

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