DMCH -Hard Fork Height 830000

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PLEASE NOTE: DMCH will undergo a hard fork & upgrade at the block height of 830000. You MUST update the daemon to v2.2.2–1123.beta before height 830000.


1. Optimize the storage structure to improve node performance.

2. Fix Mempool_print broadcast issue.

3. Support anonymous token function (height 830000):

* use the token_list command to check the token information list.

4. Add announcement function (height 830000)

* use the list_announcements command to check all announcements.

5. The — badgerdb parameter is changed to — badgerzstd and zstd is used to reduce the data size (test only, higher cpu usage with less disk usage)


1. Fix the synchronization problem.

2. Support anonymous token:

* use the issue_token command to issue anonymous tokens;

* use the transfer_token command to transfer tokens;

* use the token_balance command to check token balance;

* use the token_transfers command to check token transfer records.

3. Add announcement function (10 DMCH for an announcement):

* use announce command to send messages to the p2p network.

DarmaCash-Omni-Token is now available:

It is more secure than smart contracts and inherits the DMCH anonymous feature natively.

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DMCH aims to be not only a crypto currency but also a decentralized private Internet. Private Digital Assets, Cash for a Connected World, Fast, Private, Secure, Social Payment Ecosystem Innovation.

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