AT&T Revitalize their Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T ended its Unlimited Data Plans in 2010 favoring tiered plans. Well starting tomorrow, AT&T will bring back the plans that’s selling for over one thousands dollars on eBay #AT$TStyle. To qualify for theses plans you have to subscribe to a DirecTV package. On top of your DirecTV bill you would be charged $100 for one line of service, $60 for the Unlimited Plan, and $40 for a smartphone fee for one line. Each additional line would cost $40. Which is comparable to T-Mobiles Unlimited Plans. This is a push to grow its subscribers on its video platform.

To note a couple of this about this offer, this plans includes no tethering, and also mobile share discounts don’t apply. If you switch off DirecTV your plan will go down to the 10GB plan that AT&T already offers for $100. AT&T claims to throttle you after 22GB. Which its still unclear if they will be using the De-Prioritization method or straight throttling. Lastly a tablet cost $10 additional, plus it only includes 1GB of data, No Unlimited.

As competition heats up, AT&T bringing this plan back could send a wave to through the wireless industry, especially to Verizon, which is the only carrier to not offer Unlimited Data.

Source: AT&T