The truth about Cricket’s Unlimited Plan…

April 17, 2016 Cricket Wireless made waves to the Wireless Industry when they introduced their very own Unlimited Data plan for $70. For $70 you get Unlimited Talk, Text, Data, and free roaming in Canada and Mexico on AT&T Network. For anyone who doesn’t use T-Mobile or Sprint services this is a deal breaker. But before you jump ship there’s a few things you need to know.

Slower Speeds- While Cricket runs on AT&T Network their speeds are capped at 8Mbps on LTE and 4Mbps on their 4G network. While many argue about this cap, I must say that 8Mbps is perfectly fine for an average users. Most customers won’t see a difference in their day to day operations. But nevertheless the speeds are still capped.

Higher Pings- Cricket’s data run through proxy servers to cap their data at certain speeds mention above. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for many that rely on Video Applications i.e. Facetime, and VOIPS. Pings on Cricket range from 120–250ms. With these higher pings it could mean that customers won’t get a reliable real time connection.

Network Prioritization- It is argued for a long time that prepaid services like Cricket gets de-prioritized on the network, making room for carriers like postpaid customers. Not only do you get your speeds capped but, you also get a lower priority on the network. In testing done by DNB we found that Cricket network was considerably slower during high traffic times ranging from 1–2 Mbps down, meanwhile on the postpaid device speeds ranged from 12–25 Mbps. Note* The same device was used with a Cricket Sim and a AT&T Postpaid Sim.

No Hotspot- Unlike MetroPCS and Boost Mobile, Cricket Unlimited Plan has no hotspot, which means you can’t tether to your tablets or laptops.

Moderate to Poor Customer Service- Well come on its prepaid, while testing several prepaid carriers we found that Crickets CS stood out towards the competition. Cricket offers an chat feature for customer service within the Cricket App. While this is pretty nice, Cricket customer service was still very poor, with reps not able to answer simple questions or read entirely from a script.

No Roaming- While Cricket runs on the robust AT&T network, even AT&T has some rough patches. To some who may not have the best service with the AT&T coverage, you may find your Cricket phone searching for Service for a while.

Price- With Prepaid carriers like MetroPCS and Boost Mobile offering the same plan with roaming and hotspot for a total of $60 each, you will find yourself dishing out $10 more totaling to $70.

No Wifi Calling- Have you ever been in a basement or a portion of your house where you lose cell phone coverage? Well not to fear Wifi-Calling is here! Well not for Cricket. This is a huge blow for many customers who rely on their wifi for coverage in some hard to reach places. Meanwhile Cricket’s competitor MetroPCS offers Wifi Calling on their network free of charge.

No VoLTE- VoLTE has become huge for carriers lately. Offering Voice and Data services on their fast LTE network is a win for Customers and Cellphone Carriers. Unfortunately Cricket falls short of this feature, and when you either place or receive a call you will find yourself on the 4G Network.

Cricket works for many- While Cricket may not be for some, many people find Cricket’s services and pricing just right. For those non tech geeks who doesn’t care about Speeds, Pings, Wifi Calling, VoLTE, Cricket just works for them. Cricket has 5 million customers, which means they are doing something right. Video Below: