Why BingeOn is horrible for consumers…

BingeOn was introduced in late November as a service that optimized videos and allowed “some” video services i.e. Netflix, Hulu and many more to stream without counting against individuals high speed data. While this is a horrible service for people with tiered plans, I must say Unlimited 4G LTE customers are loving this feature. Matter of fact most customers are praising T-Mobile on Reddit on they loved how T-Mobile enabled the feature on their plans automatically. Most people love the fact that they are forced to watch 480p or greater on video content. Streaming in 1080p or greater significantly reduces strain on T-Mobile network, and gives everyone a greater experience on their smartphones.

So let’s cut the bull crap and state facts:

BingeOn can be enabled or disabled within the My T-Mobile app, which goes into effect immediately.

BingeOn approved services doesn’t count against your data bucket if you have 3GB or more on the Simple Choice Plans.

BingeOn does reduce video quality to 480p or greater. T-Mobile claims that this is “DVD quality”.

The service is automatically turned on all plans…..

With BingeOn enabled, this gives T-Mobile the upper hand to better manage their network for the sea of videos that’s is attacking its network. With videos being optimized, it significantly reduces the amount of strain on the network, and because of that T-Mobile allows certain video providers to stream content on T-Mobile without counting towards high speed data.

What does this means for Unlimited 4G LTE Data plans users? This means that with this service enabled. You can use less data watching videos, while helping keep T-Mobile network stable.

In closing to all the idiots claiming this service is terrible for consumers, go suck Verizon and AT&T! This is not throttling, this is not a Net Neutrality issue, and most certainly if you don’t like disable it, or better yet switch to the big two where they can royally fuck you with data charges.

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