Aditya hRdayam — The heart of God

A capsule of wisdom; the cure for all ills

There, in the battle field, war is on with the strong rival rAvaNa on his home turf Lanka. Lord rAma is contemplating on the techniques to handle the most difficult war that was ever fought on this earth.

Along with the divine beings, arrived sages to witness this war, upon information that such a great war is taking place. The great sage agasthya came near to rAma and said:

rAma, rAma, O great armed! listen to this ancient and most protected teaching by which you can win over all your enemies in the battle. Aditya hRdayam, most virtuous, destroyer of all rivals, brings success when you are reminded of this always and leads you to undiminishing supreme auspiciousness. It is the best source of all fortune, remover of sins, pacifier of confusion and sadness, extender of lifespan; O my dear child!”

Possessing all the varied life forces, bowed down by devas and asuras while rising and setting, you worship such lord of this world, the son of vivaswan the manu (law giver of current era) who is purely brightness.

Being the self of all energies, radiating energy all over, filling the world with the life, he holds all the groups of beings identified as devas and asuras and their respective abodes. and moves them in their respective orbits or paths.

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{ devas and asuras are the relative good and bad forces; they are relative to each other. They are described as brightness and darkness in relative terms. Both of them depend on the supreme existence and derive their existence from the supreme! }

THAT is called as creator, and protector, transformer, the son, the father, the leader, the treasurer, time, the controller, the nourisher, and verily the lord of flow i.e, water cycle!

Forefathers, lords of environment, accomplished, healers, life-givers, law-givers, wind, fire, life-force, season-giver, enlightener is THAT alone.

The origin of light, the radiation of light, the reception of light, moving in space, giving food to all, maintaining everything in their respective orbits; THAT prevails appearing with the aura of gold and emitting wealth of all sorts and causing day time.

The presiding function of chloros i.e, green (to encapsulate light into food), of thousands of hues, predominated by seven colors, THAT is the lord of life of various forms without exception. THAT churns away darkness, causes auspiciousness, and the source of all skills, born of death, and possessor of rays.

Delivering wealth, season of fall, heat, light and witness of all changes; delivering all energies, delivered by the primordial energy of space, making the space auspicious, destroying the fall by re-creating leaves renews everything!

Lord of sky, destroyer of darkness, knower of invocation, application and appeasing of divine forces, of the form of downpour is a friend of waters, treads along the path of central mountain vindhya.

With great fiery aura, consuming everything, of bright red color, generating heat in everything, all knowing, great effulgence, carrying food everywhere, birth of all generations, THAT is.

Surpassing constellations, planets, stars, holding this world appearing brighter than the brightest and having twelve divine forms (months!) O God, salutations to thee!

Setting Sun captured behind the various forms of his energy on ratha saptami on 3rd Feb 2017

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{Having established the omnipresence of supreme lord, we progress to salute the omnipotence and omniscience of the lord}

Salutation to the one who raises in the east, sets in the west, leader of bright things, lord of the day; salute thee!

To the victorious, protector of the victory, carrier of greenery; salutations! Salutations to thee of thousands of reflections, the source or beginning, I salute!!

Salutation to the source of anger, compassion, varied desires! Salutations to that power, which is the seat of the heart lotus, which has conquered death! Salute again and again!

To the lord of creator, transformer and the protector; the light of bright charm, radiating and eating everything in the form of sense organs; I salute.

To the destroyer of darkness and laziness and enemies, the infinite self; and the destroyer of the ungrateful thankless beings, the lord of all self luminous beings!

Fire in the hue of molten gold responsible for all the actions in the world, salutations to thee who is driving away the gloom, O glorious, the witness of the world.

Wiping out individual beings and in the same way creating them, caring for them, making them toil, blessing them — you are head, controlling their progression in respective paths.

Awake even while the beings are in deep sleep, established in the core of their being, thy power is the fire in them. Even the result of worshiping that fire is thee.

Of all the scriptures, of all the prescribed actions, and the results of such virtuous actions; Of all the actions of all the beings — the observer, lord ravi.

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{ Now we know, lord is the source of existence, lord’s energy is the source of all action in macro and microcosm. Let’s see how to apply this wisdom! }

O scion raghu! praise THAT when in danger, when in successful accomplishment, when in a long tedious journey or when in fear; anyone doing so will never be distressed or pained. That is assured.

Worship THAT lord of lords, ruler / husband of this world, with one pointed concentration. Having invoked THAT power in the three layers of action, word and thought, you will win any war!

Thus, in no time, O great armed, you will slay the great enemy rAvaNa. Having said this, the great sage agasthya left the scene as he appeared in the beginning.

Having heard this teaching, rAghava of great valor, became free of distress. He held this teaching with great delight within the contented heart.

Having seen the mighty Sun — Aditya, invoked his energies as taught above, became supremely joyful, sipped water thrice performing Achamana, been cleansed, took up his bow like a hero.

Having seen rAvaNa with a victorious glance, entered the battle field, with a firm resolve to slay the mighty enemy at any cost.

Then, the lord ravi the observer, established in the middle of group of divinities, with rejoiced mood, sure to witness the end of the king of darkness, said to rAma blessing: “hurry up”

Above is a free flow translation of the chapter known as Aditya hRdayam that occurs as 105th chapter of yuddha kANda of Srimad vAlmIki rAmAyaNa.

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This teaching starts with the sound ‘tat’ indicating supreme. Backdrop of a battle field, without being asked for such a teaching, Sage agasthya comes forward giving this teaching to the deserving disciple rAma. Doing work will never cause worry. The thought that “I am the doer” is the one which causes all the worry and confusion. Lord rAma would probably have not been taken away by this ego, but Sage took the opportunity to reinforce the wisdom in this mighty warrior — — and in turn all of us!

Rama took birth in the lineage of ikshavaku, Raghu and daSaratha in sUrya vamSa. All this world, its inhabitants originate in the energy of Sun alone. Whatever we call as earth, water, fire, air and space; the five elements are products of Sun’s energy. They are sustained by the energy. Not only that, all the individual minds, egos, thoughts, intellect etc., are the products of Sun’s consciousness alone. So, macro and microcosm is originated, sustained and merged back in that supreme being alone. There is nothing other than that energy ever created, nor even a small atom worth of energy ever going to be destroyed. More on this on my LinkedIn philosophy post!

Having said this truth, Sage Agasthya installs supreme wisdom in all layers of existence. Rama heard it carefully, remembered each word and essential meaning and invoked this supreme wisdom in three layers of action, speech and thought. That is what is needed. Understanding and applying the wisdom in daily life brings peace, prosperity and removes strife in this world.

Let this mAgha mAsa initiate few more rAmas in this contemporary period of cyclic existence!