Divinity worthy of worship

During navaratri, divine mother worshipped in different forms through nine days.

The light smile of divine mother, wife of lord Siva, who destroyed the god of desire will: recede my sins, reduce my misery, remove my delusion, renew my understanding of supreme, render in my energy!

Softened with grace, filled with power, capable of directing supreme lord with the signal of her eye, worshipped by women in all worlds, may remove all my perils without any trace.

In supreme the bliss is that divinity, the desire to create is that divinity, the glance which brings out all elements is that divinity, the capability to hold all those emerged elements is that divinity!

In each transformation the nature is that divinity, in each temporary compound the permanent reality is that divinity, in each vision the understanding is that divinity, in each meditation stability is that divinity!

In each thought the movement is that divinity, in each movement the energy is that divinity, in each energy the radiance is that divinity, in each sound the meaning is that divinity!

In each heart the life is that divinity, in each head the focus is that divinity, in each eye the vision is that divinity, in each source the potency is that divinity!

In the space what occupies is that divinity, on the earth that germinate is that divinity, the effulgence in the Sun is that divinity, the nourishment that flows out of moon is that divinity!

In each hearing the comprehension is that divinity, in each name the identity is that divinity, in each memory the impression is that divinity, again and again eulogized is that divinity!

What is gained by learners of scripture is that divinity, what is pleased by householders by righteous living is that divinity, what is strengthened by austerity is that divinity, what resides in the hearts of saints is that divinity!

Any flower offered is to that divinity alone, all poems of poets is the praise of that divinity alone, the goal of all silent sages is that divinity alone, all those who are inquiring self is searching for that divinity alone!

That divinity makes each word mean, that divinity makes each meditation bloom, that divinity makes the ability to those who concentrate, that divinity removes the obstacles of devotees!

Being in the heart that divinity holds, being in the abdomen that divinity only discards, being in the stomach that divinity digests, being in the throat that divinity alone speaks!

In the body that divinity alone moves, the form of five vital forces is that divinity alone, that divinity alone distributes the food properly across all the organs and cells, that divinity is contended by the sound of “svAhA” (used in sacrifice)

That divinity wears a form of woman, that divinity sports a pure slight smile on the face, that divinity has dark beautiful hair, that divinity is source of delusion as well!

That divinity with a face like full moon, sparkling teeth, of divine beauty, pleases the supreme lord Siva!

The forehead of that divinity is auspiciousness Lakshmi, the vision of that divinity is wisdom Saraswati, the lower lip of that divinity is the energy Parvati, of the waves of bliss is the face of that divinity!

Compassion makes up the eyes of that divinity, optimism makes up her ears, gentleness make up her voice, that divinity alone is celebrated by great seers!

Appeared on the mountain Himalaya, played on the silver peaks, that divinity alone is chanted by the nArada and tumbura the divine singers and that divinity alone is worshipped by sages, seers and gods!

Sometimes that divinity is very soft, some times that divinity turns very angry, as per the wish of devotee that divinity appears and sages describe that divinity alone in different expressions!

It is sweet to sing the incidents about that divinity, it is sweet to bow down at the lotus feet of that divinity, it is sweet for her husband supreme lord Siva that divinity’s kiss, for me the nourishment given by that divinity is sweetest of all sweets!

That divinity holds the weight of all these worlds on shoulders, all the wealth flows out of her lotus feet, that divinity can pacify the wildest aggressions, that divinity alone protects devotees who are peaceful!

The pure consciousness across all these bodies is that divinity, the energy across all the physical appearances is that divinity, all the scriptures describe that divinity alone as the auspiciousness (SivA), victory to that divinity known in all three worlds!

Above statements are made by the disciple of bhagavan ramana maharshi, middle son of narasimha, of vaSishTha gotra, by the name gaNapati, holding the lotus feet of that divinity!

The supreme energy of the lord of all worlds, mother of all the worlds, gowrI, the victory on to thee! This admiration authored by Ganapathi muni may triumph in the devotees hearts!!

The free flow English translation to the 40th stabakam of umA Sahasram by kAvyakanTha gaNapati muni is the above 25 statements by Prasad Chitta (All defects are mine)

Verses in Devanagari: http://surasa.net/uma//c10-q4/Sai.Susarla/.dvng-c10-q4.txt.html

Worship itself: (30th stabakam — from my other blog!)

ప్రతిక్షణం వినశ్వరానయే విసృజ్య గోచరాన్ ।
సమర్చయేశ్వరీం మనో వివిచ్య విశ్వశాయినీమ్ ॥ ౩౦.౨॥
O mind! (ayE manaH) all these experienced objects (gOcarAn) are destroyed each second (prati kshaNam vinaSyarAn). by properly discriminating (vicitya) giving them up (visRjya) worship (samarcaya) the subtle holder of all this world (viSya-SAyinIm) — goddess (IswarIm)