guru pUrNima — a note

guru means great, large, big and the opposite is laghu which means short, small.

guru is a teacher. The largeness or greatness is not in possession. The greatness lies really in the propagation. The greatness comes in giving.

darkness can’t give anything. light can’t withhold giving light. The moment light stops radiating, it ceases to be light. It is the very nature of light to give.

light can be small but it gives light. darkness can appear large in the night, but it can’t give anything.

pUrNa if filled. pUrNima is the completely filled moon. In the month of AshADha, the full moon day marks the birth of bhagavan vyasa. The time of vyasa is a junction period of two yugas: end of dvApara yuga and beginning of the kali yuga.

It was needed at that time sage vyasa to organize a single heap of vedic wisdom into four distinct groups and assign to each branch of learning to one group of disciples. Along with sage vyasa his four disciples paila, vaiSampAyana, jaimini and sumantra makes the middle five of wisdom givers.

The first five are the lord narayana and his four disciples sanaka, sanandana, sanatana and sanatkumara. The first mind born son’s of creator brahma are born realized. They directly approached the supreme wisdom giver i.e, the jagadguru. All the wisdom originated in the supreme lord and radiated in lotus born son of supreme — lord brahma. Lord brahma engaged in the duty of manifesting the universe as per the vedic wisdom he received after 1000 divine years of deep meditation, the jagadguru Lord Krishna rejoices teaching his disciples known as kumaras.

So, the wisdom started at the divine 5 then carried into this kali yuga through the great vedic teacher veda vyasa and his four disciples.

Then the vedic wisdom needed additional explanation for making it palatable around 1600 years back. There appeared Adi Sankara bhagavadpAda AchArya in kAlaDi. Bhagavan Sankara further made the wisdom simple with his bhashyas and by establishing four amnaya pIThas in the four directions of this great country of bhArata and made four of his disciples padmapAda, hastamalaka, sureshwara and thOTaka acharyas as heads to uphold the dharma.

So, the total of 15 in three groups of kRSna panchakam, vyasa panchakam and Sankaracharya panchakam represent the fully bright moon light that soothes the seekers of wisdom in this world.

So, the vedic wisdom gets transmitted in this unbroken lineage of gurus and their sishyas accurately and precisely without any confusion. It reached me through my guru “Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati”

Prostrating at the lotus feet of Swami who is a personification of eternal wisdom and bliss on the guru pUrNima surely removes all the defects and ensures eternal peace and bliss.

May the grace of guru shine on every being filling all layers of existence with peace, prosperity and bliss.