The first poet Adi kavi vAlmiki

Today, full moon day of month ASvayuja, is the birthday of a great sage vAlmIki. He is renowned as the first poet i.e, Adi kavi.

A poet’s primary responsibility is to give a meaningful progressive message in a manner that is interesting for generations to come. The difficulty faced by a poet is only known to other poets. When we try to put anything in writing, we realize the difficulty in writing.

The only existing vAgmayam aka literature prior to sage Valmiki is the veda. Sage Valmiki possessed a great literary excellence due to his long drawn effort called tapas. He was sitting in his Ashrama (generally a small hut made of natural material that needs reconstruction every year!) thinking deeply on what subject need to be chosen to write. Divine sage nArada appeared in front of him.

sage Valmiki asked sage Narada: Who in this contemporary world demonstrated great qualities, valor, who is righteous, who acknowledges & grateful, truthful, firm in actions, who cares for all beings, learned, capable, charming to look at, self-restrained, overcome the anger, intellectual, non-jealous, ferocious when provoked even to gods? I want to know about such a personality.

nArada then replied to Valmiki about prince rAma and gives a short account of rAmAyaNa to him. Having heard this, vAlmIki with the grace of creator brahma, composed the epic rAmAyaNa with 24,000 verses. He also composed the mahA rAmAyaNa or yOga vASishTha with 32,000 verses that covers all the aspects of philosophy.

These contributions valued all the time by the humanity and the great poet is remembered till the end of this creation!