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Apr 15 · 2 min read

Recently, Travis CI — a continuous integration (CI) service for GitHub repos — announced early release support for the Windows operating system. Today, we’re announcing that Travis CI on Windows supports the Dart SDK, so you can run Dart build and test jobs on all three major desktop operating systems: Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Configuring Travis CI jobs for multiple operating systems

If you already use Travis CI to build or test your Dart code, you can easily run your jobs on all three operating systems. Just add (or extend) the os: section in your repo’s .travis.yml file:

- linux
- osx
- windows

Then, whenever Travis CI runs, you’ll see entries for each test configuration running on each of the enabled operating systems. Here’s an example from the grpc-dart repo, after we added Windows to the test matrix:

Travis CI test matrix run on Linux, MacOS, and Windows

Because Windows support on Travis CI is still in an early release stage, we recommend that you review the known issues before adding Windows to your Travis jobs.

Adding Travis CI test support to a project

If you don’t yet use Travis CI for testing Dart, it’s really easy to get started. The most minimal .travis.yml file contains just one line:

language: dart

This config is the equivalent of pub run test.

List any additional tasks under the dart_task: tag. These include running static analysis and code formatting checks (for full details, see the Travis documentation).

Here’s how to run static analysis, which checks your code for analysis errors:

language: dart
- dartanalyzer

Here’s how to make sure that all Dart files are correctly formatted:

language: dart
- dartfmt

If you have a more complicated repo with multiple Dart packages, you need a slightly more detailed setup. The travis command in the mono_repo tool is one possible solution for creating this setup.

Alternatives to Travis CI

Travis CI is one of several popular providers of continuous integration. Others with support for the Dart SDK include AppVeyor (sample) and Codeship. For Flutter apps, options include NeverCode, CirrusCI, and Bitrise.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy this new CI support for Dart.


Dart is a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform. Learn more at https://dart.dev.

Michael Thomsen

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Product Manager working on Dart and Flutter. Helping developers is my passion!



Dart is a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform. Learn more at https://dart.dev.

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