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Announcing Dart 2.15

Fast concurrency, constructor tear-offs, improved enums, and more

Graphic listing new 2.15 features

Fast concurrency with worker isolates

New language feature: Constructor tear-offs

class Greeter {
final String name;

void greet(String who) {
print('$name says: Hello $who!');
void main() {
final m = Greeter('Michael');
final g = m.greet; // g holds a function pointer to m.greet.
g('Leaf'); // Invokes and prints "Michael says: Hello Leaf!"
final m = Greeter('Michael');['Lasse', 'Bob', 'Erik'].forEach(m.greet);// Prints "Michael says: Hello Lasse!", "Michael says: Hello Bob!",
// "Michael says: Hello Erik!"
class FruitWidget extends StatelessWidget {
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return Column(
children: ['Apple', 'Orange'].map(Text.new).toList());

Related language changes

T id<T>(T value) => value;
var intId = id<int>; // New in 2.15.
int Function(int) intId = id; // Pre-2.15 workaround.
const fo = id; // Tear off `id`, creating a function object.
const c1 = fo<int>; // New in 2.15; error before.
var y = List; // Already supported.
var z = List<int>; // New in 2.15.
var z = typeOf<List<int>>(); // Pre-2.15 workaround.

Improved enums in the dart:core library

enum MyEnum {
one, two, three
void main() {
print(MyEnum.one.name); // Prints "one".
print(MyEnum.values.byName('two') == MyEnum.two);  // Prints "true".
final map = MyEnum.values.asNameMap(); 
print(map['three'] == MyEnum.three); // Prints "true".

Compressed pointers

Dart DevTools included in the Dart SDK

New pub features for package publishers

Publishing my_package 1.0.0 to https://pub.dartlang.org:
Package validation found the following errors:
* line 1, column 1 of lib/key.pem: Potential leak of Private Key detected.

1 │ ┌ - - -BEGIN PRIVATE KEY - - -
2 │ │ H0M6xpM2q+53wmsN/eYLdgtjgBd3DBmHtPilCkiFICXyaA8z9LkJ
3 │ └ - - -END PRIVATE KEY - - -

* line 2, column 23 of lib/my_package.dart: Potential leak of Google OAuth Refresh Token detected.

2 │ final refreshToken = "1//042ys8uoFwZrkCgYIARAAGAQSNwF-L9IrXmFYE-sfKefSpoCnyqEcsHX97Y90KY-p8TPYPPnY2IPgRXdy0QeVw7URuF5u9oUeIF0";
Screenshot of the package retraction UI
$ dart pub get
Resolving dependencies…
mypkg 0.0.181-buggy (retracted, 0.0.182-fixed available)
Got dependencies!

Security analysis for detecting bidirectional Unicode characters (CVE-2021–22567)

main() {
final accessLevel = 'user';
if (accessLevel == 'user‮ .⁦// Check if admin⁩ ⁦') {
print('You are a regular user.');
} else {
print('You are an admin.');
$ dart analyze
Analyzing cvetest... 2.6s
info • bin/cvetest.dart:4:27 • The Unicode code point 'U+202E'
changes the appearance of text from how it's interpreted
by the compiler. Try removing the code point or using the
Unicode escape sequence '\u202E'. •
// ignore: text_direction_code_point_in_literal

Pub.dev credentials vulnerability when using third-party pub servers (CVE-2021–22568)

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