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Crab 1241 Runtime Upgrade

Notable Changes

Release Details

Hash 0xc0bf841259a2b0a00f464aa22e0c92cdae8ac2631ca95a11fd606f93370af3fd

Hash 0x5ff5a8b21e650802e64ad66016cc9089e424a66d44455f0b063f68bcdf355bfe

Proposal Hash 0xee3a9265171e4289d3a06c6c5376e280489177db870dabf09cf493f6f8b5f313

About Darwinia & Crab

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Darwinia is a cross-chain messaging infrastructure, which provides a light client-based, programmable, universal cross-chain messaging network for decentralized applications. Now, we’ve successfully used Darwinia’s light-client cross-chain messaging protocol(LCMP) to bridge cross-chain messages between substrate-based chains, and even between substrate-based chains and EVM chains, meanwhile, Darwinia provides developers with the SDK, and developers can easily integrate cross-chain capabilities into their Dapps. This will have profound implications for cross-chain interoperability, and Darwinia will as a cross-chain messaging infrastructure to prompt the building of a hybrid cross-chain network for Polkadot.

Crab is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, positioning similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network, which is a programmable cross-chain platform for Dapps. It is substrate-based, EVM-compatible, and connected to Kusama.



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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork