Crust Network Integrates with Crab to Bring Web3 Decentralized Storage to the Kusama Ecosystem

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2 min readMar 15, 2022


About the Integration

CRUST is integrating with Crab to enable the decentralized storage of Solidity smart contracts and DApp data. This partnership will create new opportunities not only for the Crab storage infrastructure and Crust Network but also for the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

Crust’s integration with Crab allows developers to utilize Crust’s decentralized storage capabilities. Crab Smart Chain allows Ethereum-based projects to utilize the same smart contract languages, Ethereum-based accounts, developer tools, base-level integrations, and other services to easily expand to Kusama with little to no changes. These projects are then able to natively interact not only with Kusama but other parachains that are also connected to the network.

Builders who built their DApps on Crab Smart Chain will be able to use the Crust decentralized storage service to allow users to deal with the data produced by themselves. Such as the MyWeb3Club that participated in and won the Crab Online Hackathon, which is built on Crab Smart Chain, meanwhile, used the Crust Storage service to ensure freedom of speech and let everyone build a home for their community and put the social network back in their hands.

Crust’s decentralized storage protocol allows for files to be stored on different hosts by distributing the files across the entire network without being restricted by any centralized entity. Users can flexibly manage their data and effectively enhance data security and reliability through data encryption, secure backup, authorized access, and other means. At the same time, the storage space sharing model can also effectively reduce storage costs.

About Crust

Crust Network is a versatile, purpose-built storage blockchain that delivers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem, empowering privacy and data ownership. Crust Network enables dApp hosting, NFT metadata storage and encrypted file storage across a wide range of blockchains.

Join Crust Network now and enjoy access to over 2,000Pb storage across more than 8,000 nodes!

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About Crab Network

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Crab is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, and its positioning is similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network. Crab Network has won the 22nd Kusama parachain slot! You can check Crab status through Polkadot{.js} , Subscan or Subview.

Crab provides smart contract solutions based on DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine), which is compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) paradigm. Therefore, it is easy for projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to migrate to the Crab Smart Chain. (Tips: DVM is built on Frontier with a fully EVM-compatible instruction set and an Ethereum RPC-like external interface.)




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