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Darwinia Highlight August | Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways from last month

Other Updates

Darwinia Network

  • Darwinia and Crab have released versions v0.11.2 and v0.11.3 and updated the Runtime via on-chain governance.
  • The Darwinia<>Ethereum Bridge has integrated Ethereum’s London hard fork update and support for EIP-1559 transaction type.
  • DVM (the smart contract module in Crab) is upgraded to support new versions of pre-compiled built-in contracts, internal calls by the use of Substrate native transactions, and governance proposals expressed in contract calls.
  • DVM internal transaction is refactored.
  • The modules of Treasury, Tips and Bounties are upgraded to facilitate more comprehensive governance, and multiple community proposals and tips are approved.
  • Bridger (the Rust client for bridge miners) has implemented the new framework of bridge tasks which lays the foundation for future bridge instances. It has been running smoothly in the production environment for a month, and more upgrades are on the way to get more bridge miners involved.
  • A blueprint for Bridge Relayer Fee Market is designed to solve the economic incentivization of relayers. It makes way for a relayer market and the implementation is in progress.
  • A security audit on the solidity code relating to the cross-chain message layer is conducted. New features include a layer of cross-chain message filters, the verification of the source chain account on the target chain, and the support of multichannel messages.
  • The new version of Wormhole has completed its preliminary design and is in testing. More test bridges are available, including the Pangolin<>Ropsten (simulating Crab<>Ethereum) and Pangolin<>Pangoro (simulating Crab<>Darwinia). Note: Pangolin and Pangoro are twin test chains, which serve to simulate the interaction between Darwinia and Crab and are used for the testing of Substrate-to-Substrate bridges.
  • Optimization of bridger’s user-friendliness is conducted.
  • YGG discord live stream.
  • BGG Twitch live stream and shared Darwinia Web3.0 vision and why created the Evolution Land Metaverse.
  • Jubi telegram AMA and shared Darwinia bridge tech innovations.
  • Blocktalk community AMA and shared Darwinia NFT applications.
  • Moonwalker KOL community and shared Darwinia and Evolution Land stories.
  • Kinsey Finance live stream and shared Darwinia Kusama parachain auction plans.
  • BML community live stream and shared latests updates of Evolution Land.
  • Evolution Land twitch live stream and address community quesitions.
  • Blocklike Gamefi Seminar.
  • Atoken community AMA.

Evolution Land

  • The Polygon Continent — Eden has been deployed on Mumbai, the main net version will be launched at early days in September.
  • Now, players should add resource tokens to enhance the apostles after the RING-Resources token has been created. This will have one month trial period on the Dawning Continent.
  • New function — Top Landlords List shows the top 10 players who have the most lands.
  • Updates for the grab rule. The new rule allows landowners to grab any slots out of protection period on their own lands.
  • Landowners could drive apostles working on their lands away.

Evolution Land was included as:

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  • Presale on Polygon Continent starts. King Pack could enjoy 30% discount start price; Landlord Pack could enjoy 25% discount start price,200 pieces of NFT land have been sold out.
  • Evolution Land has reached in-depth cooperation with the Bush community. The Bush community, as the first technology-driven distributed entrepreneurial community, focusing on the exploration and research of cloud storage computing in the digital age, DEFI decentralized finance, NFT meta-universe games, etc. will assist Evolution Land to provide more communities to settle in, and jointly build a more diversified and interesting metaverse.
  • Evolution Land had AMA with YGG. Bree and Crypto Hulster introduced the gameplay of Evolution Land. YGG is the top play-to-earn guild in the blockchain games. We will explore the possibility of the scholarship program in the future.
  • Quickswap, Oasis, My trade, Move Network, Marvin Youtube influencer, BGG announced to join Evolution Land and the NFT land auction.
  • Polygon NFT Lead, Polygon China Lead, BGG CEO, Marvin Crypto influencer joined Evolution Land new continent launch panel.


  • Kusama 9090 version upgrade and function adaptation.
  • Optimize the staking reward calculation model, add view unclaimed reward, and associate the reward with era.
  • Optimize the display of extrinsic/event parameters, support switching between code mode and chart mode.
  • Optimize the user experience of the SS58 address conversion tool and support the filtering of output content.
  • Optimize the list of networks, switch networks is more convenient.
  • Added nominator details page for easy viewing of staking information and reward management.
  • Optimize the list of governance, and the content of the proposal is clear at a glance.
  • Complete the W3F Grant multi-signature management tool and pass the acceptance, welcome to experience: https://multisig.subscan.io/
  • Support Robonomic testnet.
  • Support Dusty V5 testnet, Astar network UI upgrade.
  • Support Sakura network.
  • Support Crust mainnet and customize storage-related modules.



Darwinia Network provides a light-client based, programmable, universal cross-chain messaging Network for DApp developers.

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