Darwinia Highlight January | Monthly Recap

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Protocol Updates

  • Crab Network has won the 22nd Kusama parachain slot, Crab parachain will connect to Kusama next month.
  • Support EVM tracing, testing on Pangolin testnet.
  • Upgrade Substrate dependency, testing Substrate Metadata V14 on Pangolin and Pangoro, requesting applications and infrastructure to support Metadata V14.
  • Change DVM transaction to use signed transaction and SelfContainedCall
  • Beefy integration for bridges from Darwinia to EVM family chains.
  • Bridge update to support Metadata V14.
  • Bridge implementation for bridge instance from BSC to Darwinia.
  • Bridge solution for bridge instance from Crab Parachain(Via Kusama) to Crab.
  • Renaming: Crab’s DVM and smart module is now named “Crab Smart Chain”.
  • Crab Network has won the 22nd Kusama Parachain Slot. In two weeks, Crab Network will complete connecting with Kusama Network.
  • 1 BTC rewards for Darwinia Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction have been delivered.
  • Crab Online Hackathon which is held on the platform of Dorahacks has been sponsored by MEXC, RMRK, CRUST, Crifferent.de, etc.
  • Developed airdrop function and announced the Crab Network Developers Airdrop Program.
  • Developed the light Darwinia Apps ‘Account’ and ‘Staking’ module.
  • Launched Darwinia Bridge series of documents, refer:

「Understanding Darwinia Bridge 1–7」A Hands-on Guide on How to Run a Bridger Node-II

  • Launched Darwinia Builders series of documents, refer:

「Build on Darwinia 2–2」EVM-Compatible Crab Smart Chain

「Build on Darwinia 2–3」Deploying Uniswap V2 to Crab/Pangolin Network-I

「Build on Darwinia 2–4」Deploying Uniswap V2 to Crab/Pangolin Network-II


  • Release Wormhole version 2.2.1 to support metadata V14 for substrate network and refactor the configuration for friendly access to more bridges.
  • Fix some issues for e2d bridge and record of substrate to substrate bridge.
  • Separate wormhole contract from bridge contracts, focus on asset management.
  • Complete local test for mapping token v2.

Evolution Land

  • Evolution Land 11th, Jan update: Profession and Equipment system launched. Players could use their materials to forge equipment.

Guide for the equipment and profession system

  • Evolution Land 26th, Jane update: Evolution Land reached cooperation with DAS. DASer could show their .bit domain on the Evolution Land rank list.

Guide for the event

  • Apostle adventure, equipment, and profession systems are now live on Polygon test net — Mumbai
  • Evolution Land Summary 2022 has been published.

Community Updates:

  • DoraHacks Loot Box x Evolution Land roadshow successfully hold.
  • HyperPay X-mas Interstellar Tour goes to Evolution Land.
  • DAS x Evolution Land cooperation event started! Evolution Land player who finished the following tasks would have an opportunity to win a .bit account!

Community Updates:

About Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network building on Substrate, which is the “cross-chain bridge hub” of the Web 3.0 Metaverse. It provides a safe and general bridging solution, connects to Polkadot, Ethereum, TRON, and other heterogeneous chains by cross-chain transfer of assets and remote chain calls.

Darwinia Network has gained high reputation and recognition along the way to build the decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol. In 2020, Darwinia was written in Polkadot light-paper as one of the friends of Polkadot and Substrate. And Darwinia was selected to join Substrate Builder Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp, and for the outstanding work in Substrate Builder Program, Darwinia Network was officially awarded the Level 2 badge by Parity. The products and tools developed by Darwinia have been rewarded three W3F Grants.

Darwinia has been contributing to the compatibility and interoperability of the Metaverse.

The application areas of Darwinia Network include DeFi, cross-chain NFT trading, games, etc. Darwinia also develops the Metaverse game Evolution Land.

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork