Darwinia Highlight March | Monthly Recap

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5 min readApr 2, 2022


Protocol Updates

  • Darwinia new release version of v0.12.0, an upgrade to support Substrate metadata v14
  • On-demand solution for message relay from Crab Parachain to Crab.
  • Implementation of parachain bridge between Crab chain and Crab parachain.
  • Research the eth2 Altair on-chain light client design, and finish the bridge solution between Darwinia and Ethereum 2.0.
  • Provide runtime overrides, support for DVM tracing feature, and testing on Pangolin testnet. Smart contract developers can make use of it for tracing and debugging purposes.
  • EIP 1559 support for Crab smart chain.
  • Enhance precompile static check
  • Beefy integration test, and report feedback to upstream substrate Beefy.
  • Gas profiler, benchmark, and optimization for Ethereum family bridges’ solidity implementation.
  • Bridger upgrade and new releases to support metadata v14.

Ecological Applications and Infrastructure

「Build on Darwinia 2–6」Crab Smart Chain vs Ethereum

  • Launched Darwinia Tools series of documents, refer:

「Using Darwinia Tools 3–9」Darwinia Apps Guide Part Ⅱ: Staking and Earning


Evolution Land

Function Development :

  1. New UI has been deployed on the test net. The new UI will bring users a more concise experience, lower threshold for participation, and improvement of the independence of each system.

In the beginning, the old UI will exist and players could enter through the Game button.

2. PVP gameplay is still under development. Let’s call it Apostle Arena.

We made an important decision. PVP will be more independent gameplay. Apostle Arena will allow players to use other NFTs to take part in. It means whatever NFT you are holding, like BAYC, Azuki, or some rubbish NFTs. Only if this NFT collection passes the governance system, you could use them to join the gameplay.

3. Pordria is a brand new project for users to get easier ways to send and claim airdrops.

We did meet some problems to send Darwinia and Crab PLO NFT rewards. So we start a new project — Pordria(Yes, versa of airdrop)

It uses Merkle trees to ensure that airdrops are delivered to users without error. It’s permissionless. So whatever you are, a project, a broadcaster, a community owner could use it easily.

The PLO rewards will be sent through the tool.

4. Gold Rush — Columbus will start on 1st April. There are 20 land slots open for this event. Players from Atlantis, Byzantine, Dawning, and Eden could take part in this event.

Community :

  1. Evolution Land started an AMA with Arena Master.

2. Evolution Land Joint AMA with Formless!

3. Evolution Land Columbus Raffle Event ended! 50,000 $RING and COO has been sent to players.



  • Farms contract completed development and testing.
  • Farms UI is almost complete.


  • Block: Provide detailed information about each block.
  • Transaction: Provides analysis of transactions.
  • Smart contract interaction: Users can read and verify Solidity smart contracts and access pre-existing contracts to fast-track development.
  • Token support: Support for ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.
  • Decoded views: Contract method calls and logs are decoded to provide additional information directly from the UI.


  • Support Crab Parachain active on https://crab-parachain.subscan.io/ main work including:
  • Deep integration of Substrate native modules: Balance, System, Timestamp, Session, Utility, etc.
  • Query and display blocks, extrinsic, events, accounts.
  • Open API service and API documents.
  • Customized UI theme in line with Darwinia Crab brand.

Community Events

Darwinia Bridge Relayer Fee Market AMA

Darwinia and MaNgata AMA

The Darwinia Cross-chain Bridge Relayer Network

Web3 present and future Panel

Darwinia x Subsocial AMA with @CryptoCowboyOG

About Darwinia Network

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Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network building on Substrate. It provides a safe and general bridging solution, connects to Polkadot, Ethereum, TRON, and other heterogeneous chains by cross-chain transfer of assets and remote chain calls. The application areas of Darwinia Network include DeFi, cross-chain NFT trading, games, etc.

Darwinia Network has gained a high reputation and recognition along the way to build the decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol. Darwinia was written in Polkadot light-paper as one of the friends of Polkadot and Substrate. And Darwinia was selected to join Substrate Builder Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp, and for the outstanding work in Substrate Builder Program, Darwinia Network was officially awarded the Level 2 badge by Parity. The products and tools developed by Darwinia have been rewarded three W3F Grants.

Darwinia has been contributing to the compatibility and interoperability of the Metaverse.




As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork