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Darwinia Highlight July | Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways from last month

1.Evolution Land: Project billboard display function is online;

2.New Feature Launch: Defi “FARM”,APR 1000%+;

3.The number of DAU has broken 5,000.

Other Updates:

Tech updates

①The Bridger reconstruction is completed, Darwinia-Ethereum, Pangolin-Millau have completed the new architecture migration, which is convenient for the subsequent development and maintenance of more bridges;

②Part of the front-end static website deployment has been migrated to Vercel;

③The Substrate-Substrate bridge registration agreement is completed, and the first asset cross-chain transaction is completed on the testnet;

④Darwinia-v0.10.1 was released, MMR cutting was performed, and the data migration on the nearly tens of millions of chains was smoothly completed;

⑤Ethereum Bridge supports the upgrade of London;

⑥DVM upgrade is completed, the sorting rules and Gas consumption model are optimized, and several interface return problems are fixed.

Community updates

① Darwinia CMO Bree participated in the Chengdu Station of the Web3.0 Blockchain Application Conference and participated in the Polkadot Roundtable theme;

②Darwinia CMO Bree participated in the Polkadot Defi Alliance Crowdcast seminar to discuss the Polkadot ecological token standard;

③Darwinia and Cryptomeda reached a strategic cooperation on cross-chain exploration;

④Darwinia attracted 100,000+ users to participate in the coinmarketcap airdrop event;

⑤ Darwinia’s Twitter followers exceeded 60,000 users, and Telegram exceeded 35,000 users.

Evolution Land

Tech updates

①New Feature Launch: Defi “FARM”,APR 1000%+;

②Project billboard display function is online;

③Evolution Land performance upgrade, solve the problem of CPU performance consumption and slow interface loading;

④ DAU has broken 5,000.The number of users on the Dawning Continent surpassed that of Atlantis;

⑤Evolution Land is listed on the Tech-times top 5 projects aside from Axie.

⑥Polygon will be the next continent.

Community updates

①Astar,BML,Channels, Crust, iNFT, Lendhub, MaoDao, Metaventurer , Polygon, TopDao, YGG have entered the Metaverse Evolution Land.Currently Channels, Lendhub, MaoDao, Metaventurer, YGG have successfully bidden their own plots;

②Evolution Land cooperated with Polygon on AMA to explore more space for cooperation in the Metaverse Evolution Land;

③Evolution Land cooperated with Polygon on Twitter Space to discuss the realization of the future metaverse and earning in the game.


Tech update

① Optimize the underlying design of multi-tokens to improve the adaptation efficiency and quality of different network custom certificates;

②Statemine underlying module research and basic support, asset module related function design;

③Optimize the UI view and API data structure related to the Kusama network parachain;

④In-depth study of the staking income algorithm and increase the centralized display of all historical income account data;

⑤Increase forecast data of future blocks and mark big event blocks;

⑥Optimize the service status page, and immediately publish network abnormal notifications and network maintenance plans;

⑦ Optimize the way to obtain the timestamp, and support the parachain to obtain time information from the relay chain;

⑧ Added a dark night mode to optimize the night visit experience;

⑨ Research and functional design of visualization and deep analysis of multi-signature transactions;

⑩The multi-signature tool optimizes the method of obtaining call data. It is in the final testing stage and will be released in the near future.

Community updates

①Achieve an API strategic cooperation with imToken: imToken 2.9.4 version officially accesses the Subscan API, providing imToken users with convenient Polkadot chain data query and asset display functions;

②Sora Network reached in-depth cooperation to customize the basic browser and the visual display of Defi related data for it;

③Subscan joined the Astar Builders Program and received a Grant. It will soon support Shiden Parachain, Dusty Testnet and Astar Mainnet, and adapt to EVM related functions;

④Subscan and Crust reached an in-depth cooperation, adding support for the Maxwell network dual-token, and support for future mainnet storage related functions;

⑤Subscan reached a cooperation with Khala to provide basic browser support;
⑥Subscan and Bifrost reached a cooperation to provide basic browser support;
⑦Subscan has reached a cooperation with Manta to provide basic browser support for it;

⑧Cooperate with Dock network’s POS upgrade and POA network migration, and adapt to staking related functions.



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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork