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How To Understand Token Symbol xWCRAB On Darwinia Smart Chain?

Crab Chains Token Parameters

  • Crab Parachain Native Token: CRAB
  • Crab Chain Native Token: CRAB
  • Crab Smart Chain Native Token: CRAB
  • Crab Smart Chain Wrapped Token Of Native Token: WCRAB
WCRAB exists on Crab Smart Chain as the wrapped contract token of the native token CRAB, positioning similar to Ethereum's ETH and WETH.
📌 NOTE: In order to make the protocol more concise and understandable, the Dev Team has decided to research and test the technical feasibility of the merge between Crab Chain and Crab Parachain.

Cross-Chain Mapping Token xWCRAB On Darwinia Smart Chain

  • Cross-Chain Mapping Token Of WCRAB From Crab Smart Chain To Darwinia Smart Chain: xWCRAB
xWCRAB can be understood as a composite symbol, xWCRAB = x + [W + (CRAB)].
Crab Network (Crab) is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, positioning similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network. As Darwinia’s canary network, all new things come to the Crab first to be tried in live, therefore, Crab also contains 3 chains correspondingly, which are Crab Chain, Crab Smart Chain, and Crab Parachain. Crab Smart Chain of Crab Network positioning is similar to Darwinia Network's Darwinia Smart Chain.

How To Get xWCRAB On Darwinia Smart Chain?

  • Wrap RING to WRING via SnowSwap(DEX) on Darwinia Smart Chain, or wrap RING to WRING via Helix.
  • The xWCRAB/WRING pool is available on SnowSwap, which allows users to swap WRING to xWCRAB.
SnowSwap on Darwinia Smart Chain: https://darwinia.snowswap.xyz/
Symbol: xWCRAB 

Chain: Darwinia Smart Chain

Spec: ERC20

Decimals: 18

Smart Contract Address: 0x656567Eb75b765FC320783cc6EDd86bD854b2305

How To Get The Native Token CRAB On Crab Smart Chain?

  • Transfer xWCRAB on Darwinia Smart Chain and get the native token CRAB on Crab Smart Chain via Helix.

How To Get Wrapped Token WCRAB On Crab Smart Chain?

  • Wrap CRAB to WCRAB via SnowSwap(DEX) on Crab Smart Chain, or wrap CRAB to WCRAB via Helix.
SnowSwap on Crab Smart Chain: https://snowswap.xyz/ 

Helix: https://helixbridge.app/apps
Symbol: WCRAB 

Chain: Crab Smart Chain

Spec: ERC20

Decimals: 18

Smart Contract Address: 0x2D2b97EA380b0185e9fDF8271d1AFB5d2Bf18329

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