Meet Crab Online Hackathon Winners!

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4 min readMar 11, 2022


We’re happy to summarize the 2-month Crab Online Hackathon and announce our winners! With the total acceptance of 37 submissions, the entries proved themselves a lever for paving the way for building on the Crab Smart Chain.

Let’s review the scoring rules.

Participants should follow the instructions below:

  1. Participants need to build a project on the Crab blockchain and be fully open-source, with repository access provided for judging and testing.
  2. The idea of the submitted project can be generated and discussed in advance, and the use of external open-source tools is allowed, but the core code and function implementation need to be completed during the hackathon.
  3. One participant, whether an individual or a team, is eligible for a single prize.
  4. All of the projects must be submitted with a demo video and a pitch, which should include a demo of the working application.
  5. None of the submitted material content should infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  6. The submitted code should be complete, readable, and compatible with different devices.


Crab’s technical team and investment agency have formed a judging panel, to make impartial comments on the following dimensions for the projects (for reference only, the judging panel has the final right of interpretation).

  1. Tech innovations
  2. Innovation of the concept
  3. Ecological contribution
  4. Market potential
  5. Code integrity

Now, let’s meet the winners!

Web3 Tools Track

Merit prize $8,000 USDT: Token Buidl Ecosystem

Decent prize $5,000 USDT: MyWeb3Club

Decent prize $5,000 USDT: Decentralized News Portal on Crab Network

DeFi Track

Outstanding prize $10,000 USDT: Snowswap

NFT Track

Outstanding prize $10,000 USDT: Crab Metaverse

Merit prize $8,000 USDT: MetaCrab

Metaverse Track


$1,000 Bonus



How to claim your prize and rewards?

In order to successfully receive the hackathon prize, please submit the pull request to Github Awesome-Darwinia Repo for us to verify identity and send the prize. (Please use the same Github account that you’ve used in this hackathon)

In your pull request, there are some information is necessary:

  • Name of the project
  • Introduction of the project
  • Name of the Track
  • Name and amount of prize
  • Link to the open-source code/delivery
  • Link to the website
  • Address that you receive the prize

The prize is denominated in USDT, but winners are entitled to choose the composition and percentage of different tokens. E.g. if you win the $10,000 outstanding prize, you have the right to it to be paid all in USDT, all in CRAB, or a mix of the two. In this case, you need to submit 2 addresses to receive the rewards.

Take Token Buidl Ecosystem as an example:

# Token Buidl Ecosystem (Crab Online Hackathon)## **Project description**Token Buidl Ecosystem is …## **Name of the track**Web3 Tools Track## **Name and amount of prize**Merit Prize: $8,000 USDT## **Resource**Github Repo: [<>](<>)Website: [<>](<>)## **Prize**Total prize amount: 8,000 USDT. Allow half RING, half USDT.The half is paid in RING to the value of $4,000 USD. The ratio of RING to determined by average rate of the prior week, set by the time of accepting the pull request. Price ratio to be generated by or - if a automatited 7 day average is obtainable. The 7 day high + 7 day low / 2 is also acceptable - allowing for 8 points behind the decimal at each 7 day price point.The payment date: After the PR is merged.## **Address**Darwinia Network Address (RING): TRON Network Address (USDT):

Contact Us

If you have any problems, please send an email to

Apply Now!

Missed the hackathon? It does not matter, we intend to continue awarding grants, so it is never too late to apply! For an overview of projects in the ecosystem and broad project ideas we’re interested in funding, you can take a look at our grants program page.

For more information on how to apply, tips on putting together a great application, and project ideas, head over to the grants program. We look forward to receiving your application!


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About Crab Network

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Crab is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, and its positioning is similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network. Crab Network has won the 22nd Kusama parachain slot! You can check Crab status through Polkadot{.js} , Subscan or Subview.

Crab provides smart contract solutions based on DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine), which is compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) paradigm. Therefore, it is easy for projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to migrate to the Crab Smart Chain. (Tips: DVM is built on Frontier with a fully EVM-compatible instruction set and an Ethereum RPC-like external interface.)




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