Metaverse NFT Package Rewards Release Now!

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Supporters! We are distributing the Metaverse NFT Package rewards of the Crab Kusama Slot Auction. We‘ve won the 22nd Kusama parachain slot! Thanks for contributing to Crab Network!

Claim your NFT Rewards


According to the rules, as long as supporters contribution share is greater or equal to 1 KSM during the whole crowdloan(third-party exchanges or PLO aggregators are not eligible) , they can get an Evolution Land Metaverse NFT Package.

How to claim NFT

Go to Crab PLO Page (, connect your wallet and there will be a button below the Metaverse NFT Package of your contribution dashboard, click this Claim button and fill in your Crab Smart Chain address (For those who want a quick answer on what is the Crab Smart Chain address, skip to the section—FAQs) that prepares to receive the NFT rewards, please click to claim after confirming your information.

⚠️ NOTE: After the Columbus Continent of Evolution Land release, the NFT rewards will be directly distributed to Crab Smart Chain Address that you filled before. Columbus Continent of Evolution Land will release within one month.

Disclaimer: Crowdloan via exchange or mobile wallet is provided by a third party, not Crab. Crab does not guarantee and does not assume any responsibility for, the acts or omissions of the third party, the performance of their products or services.


What’s the Crab Smart Chain?

There are two chains in the Crab network, Crab Chain(CC) and Crab Smart Chain(CSC). They provide two sets of interfaces and chain structures but share the same nodes network, state storage, and native token(CRAB).

Crab Smart Chain is for EVM compatibility and provides users with the ability to create and interact with smart contracts.

How can I create the Crab Smart Chain address?

  1. Create an account on MetaMask Wallet(skip this step if you have already).
  • Please store your password and secret recovery phrase safely when you create a new account. Do not screenshot and share with others!

You can also import an account using a secret recovery phrase.

2. Please go to and click the Connect Wallet on the right upper corner, then you can see the RPC configuration parameters of the Crab Network, click and then the corresponding network RPC will be added automatically.

3. Then you can see and paste your Crab Smart Chain address.

1: It shows that you are on the Crab Network.

2: The Crab Smart Chain address starts with “0x”.

When will the tokens (CRAB+CKTON) be distributed?

About in one week, 10% CRAB and CKTON will be immediately released.

Do I need to claim my tokens (CRAB+CKTON)?

No. The CRAB and CKTON rewards will be distributed to the Substrate-Based Crab Chain address associated with the Kusama address you used to contribute. In other words, you also don’t need to create a Crab account to receive your tokens.

Contact Us

If you have any problems, please send an email to

About Crab Network

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🔥🔥🔥 Crab Network is holding an online hackathon on the DoraHacks platform to fund the development of projects and applications that contribute to the Crab ecosystem and promote overall network growth. The USD 107,000 in the prize pool, will be allocated based on the votes of the judging panel.

Crab is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, and its positioning is similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network. Crab Network has won the 22nd Kusama parachain slot! You can check Crab status through Polkadot{.js} , Subscan or Subview.

Crab provides smart contract solutions based on DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine), which is compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) paradigm. Therefore, it is easy for projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to migrate to the Crab Smart Chain. (Tips: DVM is built on Frontier with a fully EVM-compatible instruction set and an Ethereum RPC-like external interface.)




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