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Parallel Heiko XCM Integration with Crab Parachain is Live Now!

XCM Integration

Darwinia, the cross-chain messaging infrastructure for decentralized applications, has announced the new HRMP(XCMP-Lite) channels have been opened between Crab Parachain and Parallel Heiko, and the CRAB token and HKO token will be available to deposit and use on each other’s networks soon.

Instead of adding the assets module directly on Crab Parachain, we will support the registration of tokens from other parachains via routing(XCMP + LCMP Hybrid Routing Protocol). This means that tokens transferred from other parachains can directly register assets in ERC20 format on the EVM-compatible Crab Smart Chain.

Use Case

Parallel Heiko will support the EVM module via runtime upgrades soon, the following cross-chain use case may occur in this case.

  • Suppose there is a Dapp(NFT Marketplace) deployed on EVM-Compatible Parallel Heiko, and the Dapp supports NFT purchases/sales with HKO.
  • Parallel Heiko’s HKO token has been successfully registered on Crab Smart Chain via the XCMP + LCMP Hybrid Routing Protocol developed by Darwinia.

If the Dapp wants to remotely call any token on Crab Smart Chain for NFT purchase on Parallel Heiko, such as HKO token that is registered on Crab Smart Chain, CRAB token, etc. The user:

  1. Clicks the buy button in Dapp deployed on Parallel Heiko.
  2. The Dapp receives a token on Crab Smart Chain from the user.
  3. The Dapp sends the NFT to the user’s address on Parallel Heiko.

To achieve the above functionality, this Dapp simply needs to:

  • Already deployed on EVM-Compatible Parallel Heiko.
  • Deploy an Endpoint_Crab_Smart_Chain on Parallel Heiko.
  • Deploy a Remote Contract on Crab Smart Chain, which contains an Endpoint_Parallel_Heiko, which forms a pair of Endpoints with the Endpoint deployed on Parallel Heiko. With this pair of Endpoints, the Dapp can directly use Darwinia Cross-Chain Message SDK.

About Parallel & Parallel Heiko

GitHub | Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram

Parallel Finance (with its Kusama-based Heiko network) is the Polkadot network-based DeFi super DApp protocol that features a composable and interoperable ecosystem of community-focused decentralized applications. The DApps include liquid staking (first of its kind on Polkadot network), AMM, decentralized money market, liquid crowdloan, stream protocol (DAO tooling), wallet, and yield farming applications. The protocol is committed to building a decentralized future that empowers the community, by increasing DeFi accessibility, capital efficiency, and security.

About Darwinia & Crab

GitHub | Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram

Darwinia is a cross-chain messaging infrastructure, which provides a light client-based, programmable, universal cross-chain messaging network for decentralized applications. Now, we’ve successfully used Darwinia’s light-client cross-chain messaging protocol(LCMP) to bridge cross-chain messages between substrate-based chains, and even between substrate-based chains and EVM chains, meanwhile, Darwinia provides developers with an SDK, so they can easily integrate cross-chain capabilities into their Dapps. This will have profound implications for cross-chain interoperability, and Darwinia as a cross-chain messaging infrastructure will facilitate the building of a hybrid cross-chain network for Polkadot.

Crab is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, positioning similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network, which is a programmable cross-chain platform for Dapps. It is substrate-based, EVM-compatible, and connected to Kusama.



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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork